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i think they have 2 factor auth now
pretty sure it was target i had to setup 2 factor for last week

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test is fun!
well, in an r&d lab for audio at least
yeah, so does smt assembly heh
ya i dunno what you do
oh, yeah that can get crappy

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trip out we are doing a DNA analysis lab today in biology, i did this in high school in like 95 during the OJ trial
like, basically i did this lab when my classmates were being born

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fucked =\

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rab: like how they could have said buy this graphic eq instead of posting constant q multiple feedback bandpass doc
some random told me it sucks to work there now
its like all audio companies fucked by VC money

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rab: haha cool
<3 rane docs, tho fuck if i know where the telephone outlet is here

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jero32: ya its awesome how much a good iron changes things
like all of a sudden, 'oh im good at this who knew'
yeah $50 is the low end
= break for random reasons

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