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man that thing is so ew
also his forehead appears to be fracturing from the tension
that sucks
seems like a lot of drama to run an oh my sampler

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i once got #slackware to ban *!*@*rr.com and lilo still wouldnt ban me
macegr: the former CTO was pretty rad there, his specification and qualification test docs are pretty highly regarded even among the product design dorks
c3po cant play guitar
you made that up you dont if real c3po can do music

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actually, im not sure what he means, but having good notes and data helps a ton
ive heard silly stories about how my test documentation has covered my ass long after i left a company
"OH THATS [RENS] FAULT HE PROB DIDNT TEST THAT" "well it says right here he tested that, found the issue at the same frequencies were having issues with now, and has dates for when you [product management] signed off on the performance after a demo"

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"so i says to the guy, hey you have 10 years experience? or one year experience 10 times?" -richard liu
manufacturing engineer coworker guy, is one of my favorite quotes

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ha, ya
the guys who do that all day? its in their budget so they just call the expensive compiler company for help

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shrug, im the closest thing to that ive worked with
and im not completely self taught
actually, come to think of it
engineers who werent educated or dont have deep technical backgrounds were the worst to work with
and they would consider themselves self taught id bet
the gaps in their knowledge was fucking mind blowing sometimes
they got the jobs because they were friends of a head monkey, or because everyone else got laid off or left
but like, techs with some education seem to do well in engineering and engineering tech roles

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man working in a real lab does not help with school labs
it just makes you angry
hazing to build discipline!
honestly discipline is what impresses me most about engineers with degrees vs techs promoted to engineers
big diff is at work the curve fit is already setup in the industry specific program
in school lab i have to manually put in the curve fit equation
they hack
and theres like a billion of them

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the alt-quick key for super and subscripts in the formating dialog is different for excel and word
seriously who decides this shit?

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they need to send that kid to nasa
the brakes on those are pretty shit anyway
you just drag your foot like on a longboard

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i think you just need to lean more, its a very important part
and yeah the over twist then untwist is to keep it from coiling on itself
ha, yeah i usually do minimum few feet
normally ill do maybe 10 or 15 feet, cut it up
sometimes the pvc shit stretches fucked, usually okay, never had issues with teflon

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no one shows how to make twisted pair wiring?
i use that a decent amount at work
comes out awesome with the tinned teflon stuff
i usually get a long length, one end of the bundle in a bench vise, tie the other end in a knot, put knot in drill vise and walk to other side of room
lean back, over twist a lot and back off, cut up into lengths needed
put the extra in the junky wire bin
i think all my drills have reversed?

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that will def bloody your pumas
nice wheels
i did the mixer thing, kinda
at work they were all frustrated at mixing some natural peanut butter
so i ground down the shank of a fork so it would fit in a drill
took about 30 seconds
to mix the peanut butter, not grind down the fork
that took about a minute
ha, yes
thats pretty cool

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wow, and when i tried to install the version it works with it says i have reached the maximum number of trials on my account
thank god this guy is retiring

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and now my shower rod is broken
fuck college

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oh nice, mathcad prime doesnt work with old version files
be nice if the instructor spent the 45 minutes of lab he spent lecturing about physics history on making sure we actually had the shit we needed to do the lab

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do you guys blow into your usb flash like nintendo carts now?
or is that just me
heh, sometimes my keychain one doesnt work first insertion, except when i blow
i dont see the logic but im running with it anyway

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installer is downloading installers, annoying

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wtf is mathcad
fuckin assholes could have done this in excel...
how come cad isnt in capitals
it should be MathCAD not Mathcad, thats not pro

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im not sure i understand that joke
are they saying they will come out and help you unless youre in space?
it depends
if its just droplets from the flux in the solder, i dont care much
if its a coat of gel flux, thats annoying
long term it can corrode shit even the no clean stuff
i use a fuckton of alcohol usually
if you cover it in hot glue no one will know
if you use enough not all the flux will be heated
water based was pretty awesome, just falls off with alcohol
should get some for breakjob

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if its same paint and fresh some types will mix into one layer
not sure about latex
3000V/mil, nice

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work is like that
home is now, but i still find them
i think its a skill you develop
staring at the ground feeling like a loser
china uses nail polish
japan used to, nintendos have it
maybe they still do, dunno if they still make stuff
but yeah if you tell a china CM to use thread locker, and dont specify locktite, they just paint glue on the screw head
like, bitches we didnt say headlocker
and it sucks because if you dont take it off before trying to unscrew, the screwdriver tip doesnt seat right and theyll sometimes stip
rab: pink stuff?
red, pink, its kinda translucent
it removes it because its made out of the same stuff

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anyway, good hot glue application will look neater than zip ties in a lot of situations
and if you do it right its very reworkable, peels off
they look like 40 pin IDE
you can get away with a lot that slow
guy lost screws
like, 1st rule of electronics tech work is dont lose the fuckin screw
hahahaha $400
naw, dont lose the screws
if youre doing this more than once every few months, stop losing fucking srews
go buy some fucking dixie cups
clear solo cups are #1

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hot glue works
so does RTV
oh neat, i didnt know that
china has this yellow glue they put on everything
i wouldnt be surprised if its now sold in cans that just say 'yellow glue'
dunno if its not a thermal issue, shit works
might be hard to rrework and the hot glue needs to be hotter
rab: i think its RTV
they use it a lot on subs, especially to seal connectors
i dont like zip ties
they create a stress point
i usually try and pad zip ties wire
they dont work great if you dont
he needs low temp hot glue or higher temp glue gun

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with vibration, over time almost every part might be exposed to air
jero32: also it creates a localized bend point past the crimps strain relief
the solder the whicks up the wire, so it can create breaks that wouldnt happen with a proper unsoldered crimp
right but in subwoofers it doesnt matter, everything vibrates
rab: if its affordable i think silver plating would have some long term benefit in either very corrosive or high vibration applications
otherwise, bare copper is pretty much normal
jero32: solder kind of sucks at vibration, especially ROHS, you need some sort of strain relief

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tinned just seems higher quality in general
im not sure it matters for crimped, almost nothing ive seen for consumer electronics uses it except for very small guage mains wire
double insulated stuff, which goes towards the higher quality wire tends to be tinned
but yeah my biggest argument for using tinned would be oxidation of contacting surfaces
the crimp may break through the plating, but creep of oxidation through a crack in the plating is prob way slower than bare wire
right thats exactly my situation
i use it in the lab because its better wire and i need it to be general purpose
almost everything production is PVC and bare wire
right exactly but its standed wire so its never going to be perfect mating

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how do you mount it?
got a vise for your vise?
oh its bigger than i thought
wtf $65
are they like $600 when theyre nice?
dunno seems to make mine more stable
like, has enough unf to push it, and with the extra mass the little imperfections in the ways dont matter as much
considering free ship id maybe pay $30 for that

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they dont stock the one i have anymore
is basically that without the speed holes (probably the mount feature for the threaded bar)
was way under $100 tho, no lift

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oh they are more
man that things ugly tho
cool i agree with you then
yeah thats what i was comparing too
those are like $35 at enco which is kind of what i was thinking

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rab: because they need a vise
can do a lot of single setup jobs that dont depend on referencing the fixture
sure and thats prob 1/10 the cost and the vid looks russian
like, i dont necessarily think its the best idea, but its not confusing why they would do it
i dunno that looks like a pretty standard horror fate tools vice
like, they likely had the vise so effectively it was free
kinda, as in yes but fuck if i remember the prices it was awhile ago with someone elses money

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[svh]: heh i wanna see the machine that faced the block

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