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better than freezing i guess

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wait what?

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damn that sucks

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even if it wasnt a glitch causing accel, its still their fault for making close to max torque happen a few mm into pedal travel

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i think it would have to rev limit lower to sustain
so their idea is like, hey well let them out to 7000rpm+ for a few sec and drop them down to 5000rpm
instead of, hey lets just hold it at 6krpm
so the way they have it now is actually faster if you can hear the engine and know youre supposed to shift
right, which is most likely to happen in 1st and second, when the engine is least loaded for the shortest amount of time
assuming youre shifting typical and giving equal throttle
like, its an engine made for cars 1000lbs heavier, SUVs and trucks, so in general my short geared lighter car is a lighter load
not sure how custom the ECU code is, i know that automatic transmission camrys have the same overboosted throttle pedal
prob why old people kept driving them into retail fronts

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actually was that a thing that barely worked in the 90s

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arguably thats useful
my car has more sound deadening than any other toyota that isnt a lexus
when i first got it, i redlined it merging onto the freeway because i couldnt here the engine over traffic
which is scary because it doesnt just bounce off a rev limited, it lets you got about 1krpm past redline for a few seconds then completely cuts fuel until you about 1krpm below redline
so having a switch that pumped in engine noise would make driving the car by ear easier, which is safer than looking at a tach
also its the first step towards active noise reduction in a car, which prob works well enough at like 200Hz and below
i dunno if thats a thing yet

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he put the plus signs on the proton eyes and they look dead

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