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right and hobby/maker level shit falls apart if you try and use it enough to make the money back

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the problem with that shit and cheap 3d printers is they dont work the same a month after you got it as when theyre new
way under 2k you can get a cnc bench top mill capable of doing pcb

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the stolen shit came out 15 years ago
the two layer insulation bridge shit looks like on crack

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ha someone is actually doing something with the jaguar tooling?
they want $2M

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omfg be nice

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mongolian bass music in the new ep of noisia radio

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inefficiency is the waste via exhaust?

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yeah, but japan

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we would be occupied by the rest of the world
and the rest of the world would be right
maybe start a civil war

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which they deserve
which is the other reason nationalist rants annoy me
yeah and? maybe you shouldnt have defunded education for guns and wars and tax cuts for big corps
of course its good in the long run
were not special, this is good for everyone

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we were handed a lead because europe blew up their infrastructure twice during a manufacturing revolution
we blew it
we decided we were on top because of devine right or some crackheaded shit
and previous generation gave away manufacturing for cheaper faster cheeseburgers and cheap imported goods
and now they talk shit
like cururent situation isnt almost completely their fault

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in general i dont think it matters if people are protected or threatened by our accupation via military bases
we cant afford it
we have better shit to do with the money
gotta help yourself before you can help others
*occupation, whatever
i dont even know what that is
it would be nice but it wont happen because were mil corp bitches

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ha danielson wants a newjob

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how long, used heat?
sounds like a lot less drama than priming and sanding

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