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looks like they do power management stuff?
never heard of them either

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yeah but you only see a couple letters like than then have to line break return

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macegr_: if youre at 10k it means youve ignored like 7 emails from them
you deserve that shit, yo
spam filter, shrug
neat at text scrolling
prob not the one you think
naw you have to break focus and its legible in the vid
if you look at the elements you dont see it, look through or just not directly at it and i can read it
rainbow text yo

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it escalates
so its $500/mo, they ask you to comply, you dont, they ask really nice, you dont, so its $1000/mo
pretty sure thats how a lot of compliance works

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does it cost money?
self cert, fines for violating terms of sticker
someone taught a compliance lawyer about open source

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haha, great way to turn off like 95% of the girls my age: kids? yeah fuck those things
she wanted kids? or she didnt and was annoyed at parents
kinda yeah
honestly thats how most people live
'its just time'
like, tell that to your kids when youre getting a divorce

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i need to find some older girl with money who can buy me a white industries 17t freewheel
this was lesbian english teachers advice, find an older girl
kids arent a thing to me

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honestly even when shit is good theres not enough time
yeah that usually doesnt end great
and the worst is being in a relationship and wishing the person would go away so you could just jerk off and get back to doing usefull shit
especially when you actually like the person
definitely more cost effective

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also people and situations are liquid
so anyway, gotta trust people because not doing so makes you untrustworthy, but shit is always risky
i mean obviously you can make educated decisions, but ive given up on the concept of good people do good things, bad people do bad things
it sucks because i feel like ive been exposed to extreme enough shit i feel totally justified not trusting anyone
and i kind of envy those who are willing to trust because they havent seen good people do fucked things
like, exgf was very trusting of random people
scared the shit out of me
but in general shes always have more connections with people in her life
more drama and pain, but more friends, too
opposite for girls who arent that pretty
sure but its nice having someone around
i dont really have time tho

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[svh]: friend of mine been having trouble with this ex, his mom introduces him to new girl, they hit it off and she hangs with him for a weekend, hes 500mi away in SB
so shes like, I LOVE YOU, COME UP (to sacramento from santa barbara) and lets kick it so we can fuck and hang out!
he drives 6 hours, gets there, and shes like ITS A BAD TIME and it turns out her ex bf is at her house
yeah his ex was a unappreciative bitch, but was never that fucked up
this one seemed less shitty, so surprising
anyway, shit like that is why im not crazy agressive about meeting people
well, you learn to just not trust many people
growing up in corp funded group homes for a bit, you learn that cool people can be driven to do fucked up things for all sorts of reasons
and from personal experience, desperate situations will cause you to do shit you never thought you would be capable of

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