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like, ground water?
so now its like, liquid water
you should add ground water to fuck up peoples mines

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oh you dont mean like, a dynamic texture
brutal nature got climate change

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korea tech = dipped in wax

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i had a robotech veritech action figure better than toys they got today
thats whats up with 1984
actually maybe that was a couple years later

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so the weirdest thing about that vid was the announcer
i think they were from the 70s
honestly i dont think ive ever seen vacuums like that except for the bag vac
i was 4 when that video happened, and its more like some fucked deja vu than completely shocking =\
or they may laugh at how the stupid machines get fucked

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hahawtf @ vid
oh shit @ bag upright vac
fuck res is so bad i cant tell if its rocks or leaves on the ground

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heh, fuhnt

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most venues arent
and being close to boundaries often helps, especially bass and mid bass, because the reflections off the boundary are basically the same as the direct wave
this is the principle behind ground plane measurements

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[svh]: neat

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[svh]: youre resin filling 3d prints?

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