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prob sounds neat
i think you could prob shock mount it easily enough

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i think thats just carbon dust in the pots
ow finger hot
pretty sure current is just going through the edge of a button spring

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man fuck this mod
switch has gone resistive and intermittent, switch on bottom is getting hotter than the atomizer on top
cant take it apart because its held together with a brass slotted screw which has worn down
cant grab it because either the button or the brass screw contact is recessed
so just spins
A is just a contact?

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right moon, and in other times you would have just been considered insane and shock treatments for life for you
because the people responsible for what to do with you would have no fuckin clue what you were talking about
its likely most great scientists wiould be diagnoses with something and heavily drugged if they happened in modern times

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they dont really know what autism is either
autism isnt the same as autism, case to case
autism is a syndrome, im pretty sure
so its just a description for a collection of symptoms
hence the associated terms 'spectrum' and 'higher functioning'
higher functioning autistic kids who arent in one-to-one educations, who are mainlined into regular classes, act a *ton* like aspies
theyre good at puzzle type stuff, they suck at social stuff, and their emotional reactions seem out of proportion to situations compared to normals

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ass burgers is now autism spectrum so 95% of the people on efnet are autistic

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found it but not without the help =\
it doesnt seem to work

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