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velcro and sticky tape is smart, tho, it means one tool, one injection
i think the name and manufacturability actually make this reasonable for $15k, its actually something useful and it advertises itself
k i drive 50 miles get high and stare at moon bbl
heh, physics 2 switched from e-field bullshit to voltage and capacitance and now the shit is almost easy
fuck history why are they teaching this shit voodoo first!?

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convo last night
i think they could replace the velcro with some sort of press in rubber nub deten in the cobbler, drill the mount hole from the side, shouldnt add much process, can maybe go off the shelf to avoid tool cost
yeah the_gfr|w thought the name was a drawback but i think its the biggest thing going for the product
i used to basically do the same thing as a kid when i was mad at my parents
bitches take my playtime away, heres another door knob hole i am too young to fix
rab: use good sticky tape, also long skinny nub
like paintball detents
also i dont see why it couldnt be screwed into the wall, if places like hospitals and factories adopted it, they would end up doing it anyway

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'a single human hair is as thick as 500,000 atoms stacked over each other'
first reaction: thats it?

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