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rab: rab: rab: rab: !
printer is neat, print and scans all the things, have it plugged into router, no issues just works
hopefully touch screen doesnt fuck up, this is only paranoid thing, its like resitive squishy

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that was the other experiment
with capacitance measured from 11 to 200 pF
so like, considering that, and how much distance between them compared to their diameter, the curve fit was kinda close
supposed tp be a 1/d relationship but its like 1/(d^.85)
their LC meter was actually pretty sweet, physics department totally doesnt deserve it

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i guess i should email the lab buddy

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maybe i got the big giant dinosaur caps backwards
man fuck
c1 is really c2 and c2 is really c1
redo all the things
charge before and after like within 8%
it was like 300% before

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you only get away with 'i dropped it' so many times
haha those things were such a bitch to fix, better to just bear the pain for a couple seconds while you rearrange your hand than let go
alternative is you bobble the thing in the air

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i did that as a kid
yeah it doesnt last at all but sure as fuck makes you pull back when its happening
heh, its funny but ive shorted out 350V offline switcher caps with my hand at work
and not let go because i only had so many supplies left from that prototype batch

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he didnt seem totally sure what i meant, i noted the 45V batteries looked 50 year old (literally) and just assumed it was the resistance on those
one of those exactly
wonder what happens if i attach two and throw out into the hallways
prob nothing
he was telling them like, 90VDC you wont feel anything its no big deal
what an ass
i start feeling something around 30V
basically chipamp supply rails are where i nope out of casual contact
28V supply for 4R loads, its kind of meh
35V supplies for 8R loads, its like oh man thats a thing
it doesnt hurt but you sure as fuck feel it, through pretty dry skin
hes like 100V WHATEVER!

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fuck the pomona patch cords are expensive
its like i dont even look at the price of this shit when i buy for werq, heh
no we just calc uncertainty and saw whether are shit is bullshit or within tolerance
wants to impress class so he shorts out a bank of like 26k uF with screwdriver
took forever to fill up so i asked if there was series resistance in the fixture

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reports are normally due friday, but hes doing something this weekend so he wants them in wednesday
blackmoon: a lot of time, he makes us use the entire classes data to do analysis
because he lectures 2/3 of lab so not enough time to do enough runs
so a lot of the data is usually shit anyway
like, if this were work, and i got data like this, the report would basically say 'DATA FUCKED, REPEAT TEST'
fuckit im buying some and pomona leads

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having lots of gear at work has made me lazy about keeping up my home inventory
like, where all my alligators at
or my bananana to bananana
wtf is up with that
yeah but dont even have so many boxes anymore
ive consolidated
you gotta get mueller bu-60
then you just get banana to banana and slide those on when you need alligators
work is 600 miles away, nearest fry's is like 90 miles away

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i think theyre leaky

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we did a capacitance lab
ancient mallory caps that said MFD
like, 4,000uF to 20,000uF and lab manually says short them to discharge
and to fill them, just put them on the lab supply, no current limiting specified
poor caps
anyway lab results all fucked so im gonna redo at home using panasonic FM electrolytics
i cant find the 1% polypropylenes =(

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