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blackmoon: battery holder current limits?
they just dont say?
its like, this shit will get hot so dont make your pads tiny?
operating temp -50 to 145C
i guess thats it

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my dad had a porsche 914 magazine ad i liked blown up
lame internets only has a little one
that shit reminds me of nintendo joust
uhoh late bbl

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rab: yeah i had it setup wifi for like 5min and decided it was stupid and plugged the ethernet cable in
it worked, but my router was like 2ft from the printer
yeah thats why i like the b&w laser

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rab: i got a this http://www.brother-usa.com/Printer/ModelDetail/1/HLL2380DW/overview#.Vgv-_flVhBc
like a month ago
i dont make the assignments man i just print them and hand them in
if i could hand in a PDF instead of stapling shit into a notebook, i would

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