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nice, 15A per soic pin
good to know
block diagram looks about as simple as it can get

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omfg statics homework
this shit is actually kinda fun
with they taught trig like this
rab: svh : hihi
then more likely to be fake
fake might work fine tho, heh
meh, fuck waiting for hot coffee
the current goes through the chip or under?
worried about the chip burning up or the pcba?

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teknique: i dont think you know what you are talking about

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svh: eheh

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rab: “I know we’re not as ‘sexy’ as the other thing, but you know, I like to think we have a legitimate purpose.”

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i dont think prime fresh is charged
you just have to fill your fresh cart with $25 i think
maybe more
i get the impression that its not the same products but im not sure
like, the new thing you can get produce and fresh stuff
its like delivery supermarket or something
oh nm
im thinking prime pantry
yeah ive never used fresh, they dont do that here

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its better than being poor poor
i just begged amazon to uncharge me for prime so i can do student prime free trial
amazon is like, ok <3
wasnt shit like $50 last year?
google card says up from $80
shrug, even vs standard shipping i made my money back
dunno they dont do that here
and its $99 now, $50 for students
6 months free

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[cube]: ha @ wood laminated aluminum honeycomb
table looks expensive, is actually like 10x more expensive

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readerror: rab : fuuuuu
took forever to get to the reactions on 4chan, they mostly seem pleased, typical

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