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notice the electrons are mostly happy

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doesnt mention voltage until 14

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i mean do you want to know why voltage or more what it is and what to do with it?
or, do you want to do algebra or calc? you can prob find electronics courses that cover e fields and magnetics
well, maybe not, local CC here doesnt even have an electronics program
clannad: start at page 8

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im not sure we know why e fields, but its physics force from electricity, stuff with more or less electrons pushing on each other
*physical force
i took a class on this stuff like maybe 2 or 3 semesters into my AS degree
few weeks on e fields on magnetics, and youre not getting that crazy with the math, practical algebra stuff
physics is like, start at voodoo e-field stuff, talk about capacitors
get to resistors

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protons are stuck, sucks to be a proton
blackmoon: physics went from e-fields with calc to capacitance and now getting to resistors, homework went from fuuuuunoooooooo to normal day
it relates to e field

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elevation or pressure
elevation works a bit better, because the power is related to the mass
more mass, more power, given elevation
pressure is related to charge
voltage and charge are pressure, charge is literally more or less electrons in a region
so mass is like charge, electrons
voltage is how high you lift the mass
you can have a fuck ton of voltage, but if you drop some sand aint shit gonna happen
no theyre usually happy!
they go places
really, really slowly

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like, we dont put people into space for profit
power generation gotta make profit
like, there should be standard core tech and international procedures
its like bunch of random ideas
on the beach in california we have boob reactors
or maybe not maybe theyre finally shut down
one is down, no?
yeah and thats just some radiator shit
they should put them in space
and just drop batteries onto earth
little parachutes
assuming nothing breaks
but it shouldnt be some shit for money, obama and putin about to fuck each other up and our space guys are like, yeah fuck you guys because space
nuclear energy, not like this
give them 15 years to figure it all out

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oh man, mecha test engineer is prob mad fun
or completely scary, i bet its fun and then a thing happens and always scary after
well 500 years if we figure out how to survive
is quite possible all this extra shit like racing and maybe even driving goes away
like, easiest way to solve a lot of energy issues is shit gets way local, sending shit across the world and back is eating so much power
like, all our roads are going to break and i kind of wonder if in 50 years they will have bothered to fix them
well, we
at that point probably were supposed to fix all the roads
these old fucks are like, whatever theyll last 20 more years and well be dead fuck your roads
blackmoon: i think it has to stop being a monetary thing

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mclaren f1 hit 240 right after that
the thing is tech that dominates makes races boring
and eventually all but the hardcore fans leave
also its been done, can-am racing was effectively unlimited
few sexy cars happened, but then the 917/30 happened and it just dominated everything, on pole every race, won them all
shit had like 1400hp in the end
clannad: 787b was a quad
anyway, 917/30 killed can-am
it was just too good, no one else wanted to play
it just takes money
yeah they kept upping the power
oh man
clannad: i never ever considered racing mecha
because like, so stompy

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but theyll still ban if it looks like a dominated tech that is hard to regulate
they banned rotaries from le mans after the mazda 787b won
i think if they wanted to limit power, it wouldnt be an issue, but i read that when they broke the engine down it didnt have anywhere near the expected wear
i think nissan won later, r390 or something
maybe not le mans
bathhurst is a crazy track
r390 just had the road car speed record, only one finished le mans
and then year, rules changed and it was effectively banned
but guess they didnt win anything, just broke the speed record, hit 220mph

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indy was f1 at some point
like, old indy
im pretty sure its a spec series
everyone same chassis, motor, so you basically tune suspension and aero
driver have a lot of freedom to tune power output and recovery
tv i think
hard to cover something like that
clannad: maybe, tv has always been the best way to watch racing
you go to a race because its an event, an experience, but its a shit way to actually watch the race
blackmoon: word endurance championship is a lot more like what youre saying youd be into
a lot more variation in technology, not nearly as many rules

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and i basically have no respect for honda with how theyve left mclaren super fucked
if manor-marussia was allowed to race this year after the bankruptcy, theyd be in dead last place
like, this is honda
yeah but if the car has endurance racing range, it prob cant take a turn for shit
batteries dont get lighter as you use them either
gas is nice like that
thats why im dissapointed in formula e
i think thats its most direct link to road cars
if they can figure out a way to fast swap batteries, that becomes something that translates into road cars
if it lasts i think
it still feels like a demo
its something that big companies can get into, gets good PR, the management get to hang out at the track
f1 was like 10 different things

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its some shit you do because its fun, now because you have a glorious problem
and jets are faster
its not as fun as driving
and it would be fun, thats kind of my point
clannad: yeah thats the intent, thats as far from sim as it gets
you get the car sideways and it holds the shit in perfect opposite lock no effort, heh
tigerdrink in #cars runs a league, they do a few series a year
sim race vintage cars, endurance GT, i think they do stock cars sometimes
raced for maybe 3 years before i couldnt keep to the race schedule or practice enough
well, electric racing will probably catch on when it becomes a bit more insane
i think when it gets more developped in GT/endurance people will start to realize what theyre capable of
yes, very early
honda ans nissan both fucked up their hybrid race motors this year
nissan was almost a joke at le mans

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theyre either going to put guard rails forward of the driver, or do canopies
canopies are way controversial, some drivers want them, some drivers are afraid of being trapped ina flipped car
yeah it doesnt matter without a driver
at that point you can just computer sim it
it was considered
they cant even do radio without delay
anyway racing is about racers
its about people moving fast, its primal, its the same thing as dogs with their head out the window
is they made an RC league, people would figure out how to race them with people
too expensive, wouldnt sell
seriously its like the only sport that isnt a game
you make it rc cars, its a game

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few teams got it working, i dont think ferrari ever got their system setup right
and whatever ferrari wants, ferrari gets, so bant
they look like fun events
non typical racing crowd
blackmoon: drivers die and they pull back
basically senna happened
shrug, who cares
racing is about a team enabling a highly skilled madman
almost everything else is a game in comparison
blackmoon: im not sure but i think the way theyre getting the semi auto shift speeds so fast now is theres actually a moment where both gears are engaged
like, theyre literally changing out in a fraction of a tooth
i think the biggest contribution f1 is making to future cars is high speed automation
yeah its active ground effects
ground effects are banned because it works to good
when the skirts are disrupted on curbs or similar, you lose downforce
which eventually mean someone dies
bianchi dying after a year in a coma is going to push more safety

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but i wanna see a new battery slammed in in 4 seconds
f1 pit stops are down to 2sec tire changes
2.2 seconds happens almost every race
yeah it hardly ever fucks up!
left rear tire god was all pissed earlier this season in f1
kimi got fucked, i think a toro rosso
yeah dunno
my guess is its not the same, the nuts look diff team to team
no im pretty sure theres taper
almost everything does that races on road courses
f1 with tires made to last on ovals would make indy and nascar look silly
they have purposely degrading wheels and rules about having to use multiple tire stiffness per race
blackmoon: thats the game
formula 1 is about finding the loophole, exploiting it as long as possible before everyone runs it or its banned
mass dampers were pretty cool
just sprung mass to counteract natural suspension bounce

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they used to run multiple engines a weekend
engines for qual that would blow up after a few laps, engines for each race, i think it was like 3 or 4 engines per car per weekend average for the big teams
clannad: i was into until i saw a pit stop
they park in the garage, and the pit crew help the driver into a second car
they dont change batteries or do a crazy fuel cell boost or quick charge
they just change the whole car
they have batteries
and theyre charged by some sort of zero emissions glycerine generator
yeah the racing isnt bad
a lot of former F1 types
but i dunno, its not there yet
to tame or something, it still feels like a demo thing to me
i dont think its even close to how F1 used to be
v10 era
that sounds futuristic to me
the 2004 cars are still faster than current cars
2017 is supposed to be huge changes in the rules, they want wider tires and wings back, lower cars, i dont think theyre going to change the engine much though
dude i just couldnt take it seriously
that form of racing should be a technology demo
and electric go karts are cool and everything

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good amount of the power is from the electric motors
they have brake recovery and direct drive on the rear wheel, rear brakes are drive by wire now to smooth braking out
and another motor that recovers and spools the turbo
so they can effectively kick the motor up to speed and kill turbo lag
when theyre off throttle, the motor brakes the turbo and throws the energy into a cap bank right behind the drivers butt
well, maybe under theyre shoulders actually, theyre basically lying down with their legs lifted a bit
blackmoon: its an attempt to be green, the motors also have to last 1/4 of a season
you use more than 4 of any of your power train components, you get a 10 place grid penalty
no private testing, all testing done on test days with other teams
its because ferrari and schumacher were running hundreds of laps a week at fiorano
they can afford it, most the other teams cant

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heh, if they tried playing shit on the new F1 engines theyd prob just explode
turbo hybrid v6 15krpm versus naturally aspirated v10 to almost 20krpm
no ferrari wouldnt do 4 cylinder, theyll never do an i4 road car
and newey said something about you cant use i4 as stresses member suspension mounts
but they sound horrible
well, they sound good, but the old engines screamed and responded crazy fast
its more efficient
it has to do with the area of the piston face versus the friction causes by the piston sides
the teams were going that direction anyway, from v12 to v10 to v8
i guess the advantage of the 12 cylinder engines was the low moving mass of the pistons and valve train, get more rpm
but the new engine formula coupled with a 100kg/hour fuel flow limit, the cars just dont scream anymore

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theyre floppy drives

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the $80 one?

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figured we got over that 10 years ago
im still blown away file extensions are off by default
i laughed at .mp3.vbx files

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nico: it takes all night to charge or you can use it to get around after work?
holy shit 60min charge, nice
yeah just read that, this actually seems like usable for life
cool, charger is laptop brick sized

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but yeah almost every race bike has fixed and freewheel, i dont think ive seen anyone fixed since last year
nico: which board do you have?
the wheels get up hills okay?
oh single like it drives one wheel
that doesnt seem ideal

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close, youre off by 600 miles
and a letter
chico is basically the school, downtown is adjacent, frat district in 100 year old houses on one side of school, cheap 60s and 70s apartments on the other, everyone bikes
like, beach cruiser is basically a traded commodity
oddly im one of maybe a couple bmx cruisers
lots of bmx tho, no brakes is kinda the style, i think some are even running 18" bmx, kids bmx
mostly beach cruiser, mountain bikes and race bikes

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nico: hi sup
nico: you still riding fixie/single speed thing?
what is boosted board, like motor skateboard?
oh is a longboard
tons of hipster bikes here, i think ive only seen one person not using the freewheel

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hes like LA DRIVERS ALWAYS RACE TO THE STOP SIGNS im like, what i engine brake, i slow crazy early
then going on about stop n go traffic
doesnt mention we drive bumper to bumper at 80mph

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im pulling a B in physics 2
which i considered dropping because i feel like the work im turning in is compromised shit
jezus fuck these kids just suck at school
instructor is talking shit about engineers and los angeles drivers

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wouldnt it be sad if it was just an accident with paint?!

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i feel like it helps with anxiety, but maybe i kinda dealt with that on my own, and it seems to do the opposite to some people
like, people who take small doses of decent weed are usually getting quite fucked up, that can make people nervous
like, i like being high, im not a huge fan of getting high tho
that delta
like, minute to minute feeling diff can be uncomfortable if im not concious about what happening
non-stoners obviously dunno wtf is going on so prob not as calm despite the oddness
heh, suffocating and confused
shes walkin on sunshine yo

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right so like in those cases, mad psychotropes maybe makes sense
because what theyre doing is comparable or worse and does insane things to your reward/pain concept
in lots of cases thats how it starts
once it starts, person can fake naive to keep it going, anything to keep it going
its the only thing that helps me sleep that doesnt completely fuck me up
yeah i think maybe i just have a thing for weed
i can have beer in my fridge forever and not even think about it, months sometimes, i know better than to try any synthesized opiates, i do coke like maybe once every 4 or 6 years
yeah that seems to be a personal thing

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that sucks
my dad prob died because hard drugs
well, old too
what did the 45yo die from?
accident? heart attack?
ha, yeah resperidone is anti-psych
tecan: piss someone off and they decided you should sleep all week?
anti-psych = patient is easier to deal with and behaves better and progresses close to recovery while sleeping
they will say you are life fucked and there will never really be a recovery

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tecan was a pothead, relative to phychotropes, weed is like caffeine
psychotropes are not done in small doses
compared to their other uses
also medication is about maintaining levels
which also requires large doses to build tolerance
uses small amounts of weed is pretty recreational
you goo up and down, non stoners would not enjoy that
ive never gotten junkie shakes quitting weed cold turkey
i dont eat as much, i dont sleep as much
omg it is
i doubt i will ever be as addicted to anything in my life as much as i am cannabis
but its helpful, side effects are managable
and compared to psychotropes, is a very safe wonder drug
because not enough, because unlucky random choice
personally i thi9nk alcohol has prob fucked more people than any other drug
mindset wise i have no problem getting psychologically addicted to things, but ive never really had an issue with alc
that and gambling im grateful for, sad lives

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thats good
are you on anything?
or coming down off anything?
i couldnt remember or read shit on psychotropes
may have been more of a brain starvation or overheat
pretty sure resperidone is hardcore
cyprolax sounds like some new shit
okay well if you do decide you dont want to be on that shit anymore, you prob want to taper or youll get junkie shakes and behavior tends toward what they prescribe it to treat
meaning you go back into the little pond
sure i know
and its hardcore shit so its not like weed its not good tojust stop
not saying you should stop, but if you do i suggest doing it over a couple days so you dont end up a little ball of shivering anxiety

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w00t, kool kieth #1
fucker didnt show up the smokeout the year i went
tecan: you need to sleep fucker
when you feel like you dont need to sleep anymore?
thats exactly when you need to go to sleep
seriously, top level #1 priority
yeah because you were awake dreaming
ha you were probably soldering random things together
those are called burps

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still amazed i can use the taig as little as a few times a year and its pretty much same machine
i could prob make money with a wood router
but thats pushing it in my place
theres one literally 30 yeards from here
but fuck paying money to volunteer all my free time
i gotta go talk to them, been gone long enough
ill volunteer for free, and pay them hourly on the router when i actually use it, or something
im pretty sure i can make a guitar
heh, i cant think of anything else with a higher markup

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people dont understand why im not very positive about them
like, i have to deal with shit will schedules are burning up on $10M projects
well its about time
thats the #1 reason
they want prints like last week
but later today is okay, overnight is pushing it
if we can wait and theres budget, machined ABS or SLA works so much better
right, so next morning
as opposed to a $5k rush job for 2 day wait, someone elses fdm
no shit?
and thats why i cant get excited
if i had mad time and money, id run my little cnc all day
i dont have time for a hobby when i know its just gonna get worse and worse
short of putting 20 lbs of metal supports on the machine and accepting like 4x slower build times

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macegr: i really think the toothbrushes on the sratasys stuff are a big deal
the MEs dont do shit to maintain those things at a couplpe places ive been, and they run years without too much trouble
everything else FDM is like, a week and problems
is yours pretty consistent?
still that sonybot xy table or whatever it was?
clean the extruder tip
i dont see why all of them dont have it
wipe off the printurds

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rab: factory back door, shady worker, QA rejects, legit B-stock
legit 3d printers usually start fucking up after a couple weeks of heavy use
cant imagine the drama with those

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k obviously time for nap bye

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i have a credit union for cash stuff since i use a no cash online bank
but i ended up getting a big name bank acct because same bank as current employer, instant money availability has saved me bunch of times
heh, also that bank acct for the bank in SB i keep forgetting to close
meh, car paid off in a few months, then i start killing cc debt
cc balances got fucked everytime i moved
kind of amazed tho i dont have missed payment on record for last 6 years, so pay down the cc shit and i might actually have a good credit score
buy a house or a ferrari or some shit
ill get two 246gt dinos
then ill be like david letterman, but twice as much
double letterman

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living at home would be awesome
stupid junkie sisters
nice, i am preapproved for a 25% apr cc w/ a $100 annual fee
ill get right on that

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