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elmchan style?
kevtris has some pretty awesome p2p wired boards

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guys i have no water
also jezus fuck the tap water smells crazy like chlorine here

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sculptor: so they will partial refund, send the good slow mail, and then eventually give full refund?
chinglish gets so old
ya, im entirely sure thats the point of correspondence from unknown china sources
actual factories will actually try and communicate, they fuck up too much and china wont let them be a factory anymore
a refund of compensation
that sounds like a reverse refund
you got that from those lines?
heh, shrug
china mail is like 2-4 weeks
yeah, the '$15 agreement' part is the scariest
like, we send you $15 and you accept so new random contract we made up
for $80, the shit was b-stock or qa reject if it was real

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sculptor: eheheheh
um, i always get my shit in a day or two from amazon

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