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ha, reverse engineering a cherry microswitch for class project, put my terminal and blade contact models in an assembly and get really annoyed the contacts dont line up concentric, trying to figure out where i fucked up
reassemble the actual switch, contacts arent close to concentric

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because hes pissed how many times you stole the entire stock

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what exactly are you cleaning?
you and lope should hang out
you guys would make mad progress at whatever it is you two do
wtf man
i dont think they mean by soaking everything in volatile solvents

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blackmoon: heh

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heh, wraps around an engine mount on a lot of engines

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honda wants to use new engine without grid penalties in future race
so they install engine, 15 place grid penalty, put the old engine back, 10 place grid penalty
they dont carry to the next race, so theyll be able to use the new engine without grid penalties then
wtf f1

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blackmoon: 90 opposed prob wobble because of the weird firing interval, prob sounds cool tho
but yeah it only costs $8 extra every 1000 miles due to oil consumption
theyre going to put it back together and prob by next year ill need to replace all the things

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only thing i can think off it is the bearings spun or something, wore away the mating surfaces
its a 2.4L engine so it would prob shake the shit out of the car without it
I4 dont really get much bigger than this because all unbalanced
oh you mean like firing order/angle, and yeah pretty sure thats how its always done
pretty sure theyre 180 opposed
it would out perfect on a flat 4 but i guess it wobbles the fuck out of an inline 4
*works out perfect

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i drop car off thursday and they are going to rebuild my engine a little bit
its supposed to be free but im thinking no way this will be free
yeah i read that they told someone they needed a new balance shaft

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i dont think this computer is gonna cut it
well maybe setting cranked down
fuckit wont be able to afford it until after winter break anyway

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svh: it supports bots but im not sure how polished it is or if its supported by axis gui

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do basic options, qty 1, 10, 100, change size, do same thing, add options

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what lead time you pick?
no i mean for your quote number
not really
its not cheapest
did you try upping/dropping qty to see what their tooling charge really is?
yeah those little drills prob get expensive, fuckup a lot of jobs
you can RE it, heh

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i remember chinapcb being cheaper last i quoted
oh wait maybe its because i selected 2.5oz copper
readerror: pretty cheap when i clicked 1oz, but its comparable, shipping seems expensive but fedex/ups from korea sounds pretty safe
yeah its clean looking, vias mostly dead centered
china pcb was usually like $80 setup, cents per unit, and shipping was like $20 i think

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now you dont need the conveyor systems for the cars
the robots can just toss them to each other

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