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remember these?
i totally snapped the stalk on one of my etymotic ear buds
cable uncoiled explosively and it flew under my shoes while walking down stairs
the filter and rubber ear piece kept it together for awhile but it finally snapped off completely -\
yeah thats not really how mouth simulators work
anyway bbl stupid monday lab

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svh: i dont think people are going to care about 3d tv at all once decent vr happens
given 3d tv has been out a few years and consumer vr is probably a couple years off, 3d tv is probably already dead
good consumer 3d tv is maybe 3 or 4 years old
maybe older, shit went nowhere

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btc was not profitable, and the middle pools were only worth money for a few months
anyway if you think btc is going to be worth $$$, just buy btc
if its not at a low point right now, no ones going to make money, and charts kinda suggest its somewhat stable so you prob wont lose a ton

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do you not pay for power or something?
when i was doing that shit, multi coin middle pools were raping alt-coins
and it wasnt profitable long, and btc was worth like 3x what it is now
and even then, i dont think it was profitable to mine straight btc on normal power rates
this was way after mtgox
i wasnt, i was doing pools that raped alt coins based on profitability algorithms, and paid straight to btc

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kevtris picked the shit up quick because he basically thinks in 74 series chips
it doesnt sounds like youd be completely lost, just buy a dev kit and get a book
man, kimi raikonnen in trouble
maybe to blink some LEDs using some prerolled code

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timecop: omfg, fuck that
timecop: kinda looks like same spider
verilog was weird because not sequential but it wasnt that fucked to pick up
if you already get digital logic you can prob learn from a book or whatever
if you dont already know ic level digital electronics, you should prob learn that first, the code is basically describing that
asm is higher level compared to verilog

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ha @ collecting spiders

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inittab: beep

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flyback bant from #cars
productive day

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autistics tend to be more extreme in emotional responses
was going to ask, how is work stuff going?
youre not managing now?
yeah that sucks, responsible for things you dont agree with, dont have the rank to change
that sounds a lot more your style

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its normal in professional environments
in which case the math and problem solving comes into play socially
people dont like being wrong, but if people disagree, someone has to be wrong
because he doesnt think the thing that the person who is right thinks

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thats the one with lou gosset jr as the alien, no?
i think they got stuck in a mine
right but in a cave or something, dont really remember, other than it seemed to mostly about dealing with prejudice
burny: competition for resources
like food and pussy

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efsnble: be nice
hes not very effective, shrug

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born in the 90s?
sculptor: you like it?
kind of curious

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fury road?
heh, i watched that three times in the theater, once back to back
theater next to the toyota dealership, so is what i did while waiting for them to give my car back
i never saw that

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or they required a certain level of suburban privelege
movies got more real in the 90s
aerith_gx: have you seen gross point blank?
kind of has a 15 years after a john hughes film vibe
amazing soundtrack
and you cant beat it for a comedy cast
both the cusacks, and akroyd

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john hughes kind of lost tough
i read in a couple places he said he just doesnt get the younger generation
pretty sure this was around when kids came out
aerith_gx: also i hughes films were typical of 80s fantasy stuff, a lot of situations just wouldnt happen socially, or are like the played out wishful thinking of an introverted geek

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aerith_gx: i think that was kind of the point of the story
you have 4 characters that kinda transform and one that becomes okay with himself, youre probably going to relate to someone
haha yeah her purse dump was awesome
heh, it doesnt work out

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i always saw molly as a bad decision
burny: its probably the best off the 80s brat pack movies, its also done crazy low budget style, almost all one set
i wish i could afford one of those
jezus fuck sheedy is like 50 years old in that reuinion vid
shes like cuter sigourney weaver

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i always get pretty in pink and 16 candles confused
pretty in pink has duckey
16 candles has bill gates
i think
burny: oh yeah, weird science
robert downey jr best role imo
i wonder if emilio has given up acting by choice
fuck ally sheedy is still so hawt
molly hasnt been very cute for like 10 years =\
thats cool
a lot cooler than how his bro turned out

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aerith_gx: when i was 13 dandruff snow was the hottest shit ever
ally sheedy naked
bathtub scene
she may have done nudes in that movie in the 90s where she was a disturbed lesbian
burny: shes the goofy troubled youth girl in breakfast club
you should see the breakfast club
pretty in pink and 16 candles are optional
im assuming youve already seen ferris buelers day off

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wait who did i unban
aerith_gx: im gonna see ally sheedy's boobs, right?
this is not ally sheedy's boobs

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i believe its bite my cock, canuck?
i was correct

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`spacing is irregular for a reason?

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svh: thats cool it ships with a psu and connector shells
holy fuck this guy moves em
prob buying pallets of them from gecko
ya its good stuff

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im so out of drugs
sculptor: you are putting flavors in your coffee or this is coffee packets or what is this
also marzipan is tastey
keurig or random packets?

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do you has ability to stop time?
stopping time = all the naps
not working
its okay bc coffee is ready
my tea is all very old and crumbly
and i dont have enough money to do group buy with synth
tecan: is not working

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man i dont want to do laundry

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the people are ruining the waves
people in the back dont get none, sad

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the amount of people on this other glass walkway is too damn high

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sculptor: dont be dropping mugs on glass bridges!
A female tourist, who's known by her internet screen name 'lidonghaishuohezainihaowodehai'
google says: Donghai say hello I also load

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wow @ amount of custom brick and glass

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