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danielson: pics

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rab: manual feed worked! i didnt even have to figure shit out, i never got that shit working right on my samsung
so i guess only thing i havent tried with it ir the character recognition stuff

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does it have spare room?
can we visit?
when i say visit i mean live there for several months for free

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gypsy lyfe yo

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danielson: maybe better than moving every couple years

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no one told you what to do
k, sry
apperently haulocaust is related to fire
so firebombing a city is a haulocost, nuking a city, definitely a haulocost
in this context
would probably agree with n0p on that
its both
probably forms a tidy feedback loop

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at what point does a genocide become a haulocost?
and why does it matter much there is a difference
yeah man that kind of seems like an arbitrary number made so people at the UN dont have to feel guilty
does that scale at all with world population or what?
n0p didnt say much
he said we should look it up
because ac-130h made an out of context reference to jews being gassed and burnt, shrug
of course it happened, the numbers may be debated and prob always will be, but no one say denies it happened
its like civlian deaths in the iraq war
again, n0p being vague

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honestly i think your connection is 100x more fucked up than him doing it there
but we
not like the dude was gassed against his will and then burnt to clean up the evidence along with millions of other people
yeah im not even sure if that happened, from what i understand everyone was gased, in any case i dont see the connection other than maybe a timecop joke
someplace that needs an industrial oven for big things
i mean, this is gpf
the_gfr|w: hopefully forever
yes i think they should exist as a reminder forever
i think there have been a few since?
UN sucks at being the UN

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shit could have been anything
ha thats weird
if he wasnt there very long and not very social like it sounds, sounds more like a source of dark humor for years to come
not like it was a head boss guy or a 10 year employee
suicide is more fucked as a jew?

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the mexicans put the track through a stadium with a chicane in the middle
if they could just sort out that whole murdering and kidnapping thing would really be a great place

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yeah lots of people call them braces here, its kind of a generic term, also means the mechanical ones
yeah if irt was done with elastic bandages some people would call it a wrap and some people would still call it a brace, shrug
you thing looks like itd work better than the neoprene ones

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rab: we dont have whole foods
we have hippie coop
they lost the fuck off walmart battle tho
that sucks about knees
the hanging things?
knee brace?

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burny: its been hot, actually
it rained a little last week, i think the heat is an issue or its just people in the building playing with the cable connections
sculptor: infrastructure and airframes getting old
all this shit from the 60s-80s meant to last 30-50 years =\

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rab: im not sure if you mean a real rain will knock out my internets, or the magnetism part at the end of e&m is gonna kick my ass
rab: oh, i didnt see the burny comment
i thought you were being mad deep
this irssi theme has cool base colors but the symbol and highlight colors are not contrasted enough

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