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i dunno man those wires are pretty fat
i was thinking more of an EMC fail
panasonic FM for all of the things

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megasquirt seems kinda primitive
but maybe is just the typical guy setting it up
anyway bbiab

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ceramic doesnt like vibration
MLCC stuff, i guess the terminals will rip off the layers, its an intermittent thing
theres autommotive flexible terminal shit thats $$$
and my guess is its not *that* much better
shrug, ECU seem pretty well mounted in most cases
my guess is it happened on a couple models, like 100,000 times
heh, i always just assumed that was from them getting blown up because of power or something hitting io too hard
i dont think they are cheap in context of car components, so w/ markup they get dumb
also those things are made maybe 100% with automotive spec parts
sourcing is prob a bitch besides the added cost

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my guess is they dealt with that more than 5 years ago

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like, deriving the equation for energy in a discharging cap was kinda cool, but in real life its like OKAY U=(C*V^2)/2 DONE
the efield shit is interesting becaue combined with a lot of materials science and statics, you can maybe figure out exactly when the cap blows up
but like, you can just look at the voltage rating
but i make pretty graphs and nice equiations to fit the curve fits, so he loves me
gives me extra 20% every couple labs
dude at the cap factory they prob have the 6 equations they use for this shit, as soon as they get engineer they go HERE DO LIKE THIS and thats prob how much it comes up
someone told me they were thinking of getting a fucked tv because supposedly just bad caps
im like, ya that doesnt just happen anymore
that was a thing like 10 years ago and now it prob just means that a power supply is fucked

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but do you want to calculate the e-field in a wire based on the current and the mass of an electron?
only circuits problem on exam was like, this much current through a 100W headlight, now starter motor is on and eats this much current, some other known, find the battery voltage and dropout voltage or some shit
the only circuits problems was directly copied from the book, but reconfigured to take 2x longer
yeah actually that one was fun, all the circuits homework was
which is why i was pissed the exam was like 80% e-field shit
right, the whole circuits chapter was practical
so physics teacher prob sees it as useless
also, most practical chapter basically used none of the e-fields shit covered earlier
like, physics guys need a month and a half of e-fields so they can go THIS IS A CAPACITOR
and then they do resistors, and finally they can get down with real electronics
but now were doing magnetics so back to field bullshit until we get to inductors
yeah pretty much
im like, charge? who gives a fuck about the charge?

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yeah the big diff between physics lab and word is at work theres no ways id wire this shit up without at least taping the part down
got leads and parts movin around the desktop
they got a little daq setup with some simple data analysis software by vernier
so can do curve fits pretty quick
we just had a circuits exam
4/5 old exam problems, 1/5 circuit problems
such an asshole
i got perfect on the circuits homework, didnt use the solutions manual at all
if the exam was actually on circuits i would have done awesome
yeah honestly you say you want to do math

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tekrad: im hoping once i get to the engineering department classes things are more interesting, bit more natural
so far those classes have either been fun and challenging or just fucked up simple, the physics department take on electricity makes me glad i learned this shit practically in an AS program
like, i reallt dont have a deep need to learn this shit in the same order that scientists stumbled upon it
i think i already told you about dude shorting cap bank with a screw driver
also today a 5% carbon resistor was off 15%
the caps are mallory jobs from the 80s
and the dale resistors are pre-vishay
electronics department doesnt seem so bad
mounted to finished nails on wood blocks

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my CC and the local CSU where are grew up are like that
every few years, 'jezus fuck where did all this money come from?'

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going okay, could be better

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goes nuts if you plug in values in intermediate steps, which i do to check my work for sanity and compare to experimental results
notes that hes not a great experimental physicist, like the things are unrelated
burny: he was explaining exponentials, so he spent 45 minutes on his mortgage story
mechanical drawing for cherry snap switch case is nuts, should have just done the snes controller
he loves the shit out of my lab reports tho, so i got that going for me

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physics 2 instructor is an ass, talks shit about engineers constantly in an engineering student class, talks mad shit about math instructors but teaches the class like a math instructor
talk shit about the younger generation, neglects to mention how bad his generation fucked it up for everyone else
no notes, no equation sheets, says the class isnt about memorization
'JUST DERIVE IT!' mfkr we havent been doing this for 50 years deriving it takes longer when you dont already know where youre going
only practical problem hes worked to completion was the one related to how he calculated his mortgage at that bank and blew those loan officers away
macegr: like the mfkr even knows what an internets is

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statics, physics 2 (e&m), diff equations, 2nd solidworks course, and some biology shit about food and drugs from plants
one more physics course (sound, light, heat) and i think im done with science and math
after next semester ill be half done with the mecha BS

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shawn|i78: you meant the shrink wrap on the outside?
the can is usually connected to -
tho sometimes i think the can is cardboard and plastic
omg coffee is happening

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rab: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wztgTsqoRI8
this mfkr knows whats up, usgp on wets ftw
oh maybe gone on sunday
just gonna fuck up qualifying

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they dont seem to have a prob marrying foreign engineers
i know engineers who have asian wives?
y, rly
the wife of one is a sourcing agent that he goes through for contract work, most of his clients dont know theyre married

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dx^: looks sexy
who needs functionality when you got cyan on pink

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