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svh: i think theyre mostly tube sub-frames on carbon tubs, if not completely carbon now

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svh: that c pillar is the biggest problem i have with the enzo's styling
the artsy swoop to the lower window edge kind of puts the window shape above overall styling, and the way the roof and b pillar meet in the little 2" piece of metal looks pussy as fuck
i guess its a b pillar not a c pillar
the reversed buttress looking thing

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damn i broke solidworks

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thats a pretty cool name for 1937

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yeah thats pretty nuts
ive tried to avoid thinking about how the tooling is made for some of these features
probably EDM

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the case and covers have tons of little internal features at different depths making the mechanical drawings really messy
reverse engineering project for solidworks class, im doing an arcade button w/ cherry snap switch because i thought it would be easier than the SNES controller i half modeled
basically im an idiot
i should have bought a NES controller from goodwill
the switch is actually really neat, i figured out what most of the random features are for (some are unpopulated/unused)

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dx^: you said because you thought you could probably learn electronics and programming on your own
dx^: also you draw pipes
i think even fancy ones with threaded ends i could prob do in under a minute
haha, does win 95 pipes screensaver give you anxiety now?
man fuck cherry snap switches

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fuckin mechanical engineering
always makes me think of that mike meyers SNL sketch where hes like WELL YOU KNOW MY NAME IS SIMON... AND I LIKE TO DO DRAWINGS

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catbyte: use machine oil as a coolant
or wd40 if you dont have that
itll make the drill bit edges last longer
once shit starts getting hot its pretty much over

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bacon almond fried rice has almost been depleated

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omg whale gonna eat paddleboarder
omg hes gone at the end HE GOT ATE nooo

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because youre already running the machines you have at 100%

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that connector looks like it has a dip mounted to the side
oh its on the board behind it
so much kapton flex, nom
maybe she turned a cucumber into a pickle

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