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i just dont think its something a uC should be doing

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you could pwm the reference for the comparator

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dx^: because asymmetric delay times, rise and fall times
because its slow, adc isnt even audio fast
do better cheaper with an old pwm chip
even 8b mode isnt very fast

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dx^: okay so i got 1.8MHz, but...
like 25% of that is switching time
shits gonna get hot
and it wont be a symmetric wave form
its going to be like 3:1 on:off
ac-130h: 1100A!?

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readerror: thats considerably more
dx^: only sometimes
dx^: its hard to say because youre not at their test conditions
dx^: buy it, test it
and did you use the 25 or 150c time?

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danielson: naw it had a high sampling rate, prob usable to a few hundred khz
just noisy, shitty software
yeah for sure, most audio stuff, most switcher power supplies
pretty much everything except radio and high speed digital
better shit than scopes for most of that stuff
id rather have a scope that did more shit with a good ui than a crazy fast scope
haha nice
that game was pretty fun
better than being blind
also im not sure i like the idea of connecting a tek scope to a car
and then starting the car

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eck0: no its pretty shitty
bossguy hired an EE and en embedded guy and got a real scope, tek 4ch
it works, was a bit noisy but not horrible
its $100 and usb
if youre trying to do high speed with it, you prob got a lot of problems
nice, we just have a 2ch

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ha hantek
ithats what we had at work
pizza tracker tracking

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synth: its harder, so less flexible, so more likely to break
prob not as bad as lead free, dunno tho
looks like it has to do with melting point

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i think qualifying is about to be cancelled
stupid hurricane

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haha, i attached gravity to the base of this thing i launched in solidworks
and i guess the attachment point is a ref, when it flipped upside down it takes off upwards

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why are you soldering wires to terminals
and yes, if theyre solder terminals, no if theyre crimp terminals

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ac-130h: because funny?
that would just make people angry

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haha that was cool

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haha @ end of topic vid

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