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now the hacker tools have wav file sound tracks instead of midi
no changing sound fonts now
haha i loved that shit

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usually a bit left, prob have to tumble the fuck out of the roasted beans to get it all
i dont really care about it in the coffee, i care about it getting on the heater coils and starting a fire
you can even use the poppers that dont have the helical side vents because the chaf will just catch fire before it floats away
fuckin $12 for this bag of coffee and it literally tastes like ash sometimes
i would have thought i drank from something someone ashed a cig in, except no cigs at this place

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glass top, silicone gasket
i mean thats a lot of bullshit when i can get decent results from an iron skillet
i can put it in the oven set to warm
wait fuck thats gonna get chaf all over the oven internals, start a fire

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so its lots of screens, trial and error, and a fire hazard
assuming i loop the air, unlooped would just take a fuck ton of power
would be better to mod an air popper
what i thought of is basically concentric cylinders, fan and heaters on the bottom of the central cylinder underneath a set of screens
coffee goes in removable upper half of central cylinder, with the helix air path setup in the semi open bottom

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then the beans wont move around
air flow is good, temps too low
box seems cheaper than variac, and variac might blow up all the things
ha, it prob suck up the chaff and start a fire
and i dont like burnt coffee
fuckin local roaster just had 5 types, only two were medium roast, and the one i got is a pretty dark medium roast
and shit was like $12/lb
i pay $5-7 for the green stuff
burny: i wouldnt trust it without supervision
yeah ive thought about that but thats actually engineering shit and if i had time i prob wouldnt need coffee
chaff is the big issue

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rab: ultra light roast, just into first crack, like maybe 10 minutes but a pound of coffee takes like 3 cycles
and ill usually do 2 or 4 lbs at a time
and melting is such a broad word
i dont mind minor deformation or even bubbling, the coffee is in a steel drum
liquid dinosaur in my coffee prob not okay
prob not easy to remove like hot glue
fuck man i dont wanna add feedback to the heater coils

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guys guys
what do you think will happen if i route the output of a hot air popcorn popper into its intake
by putting the whole thing in a box
because ambient temps have a big effect on my coffee roasts
so my solution is to remove ambient temps
hopefully motor doesnt have a thermal fuse

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