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i wish, this shit would prob be a lot easier

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man fuck this useless math
see the irony is im doing damped and undamped free and forced oscillation so this is directly related to my career
but whatever, the industry already figured out the math, we did the calculations, NEVER AGAIN, we made tables

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yeah setting to 0.5x just makes it sound like i did a hit of N2O
gpf: formula 1 is pretty good at taking down vids if theyre decent quality
but theres usually a very letterboxed upload on the same day
lately its been letterboxes + sped up
also theyre british, which makes it funnier

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heh they speed up the vid to fuck the audio a bit, i think so the F1 media narcs dont care as much
before they just did the extreme letterbox thing (you can hack it full screen with accesibility magnifier)
gpf: dunno, worse thing you can do is make your boss look dumb
which is really hard if youre dumber than your boss

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very entertaining!
if you think you already fucked up and wont have time to complete the problem on the exam
there is no thinking, only doing after practicing until the edge of suicide
burny: the alternative is not being around stupid people
note: if you are not around stupid people, it means you are the stupid person

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just dont shave

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that doesnt have the girly razor safety wires
totally dangerous

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you dont even have to be that quick
my guess is with the malls and schools, their candy haul is lower than when we were kids
wed canvas multiple neighborhoods, have pillowcase overflowing
blackmoon: usually they cant because security gates

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ha @ obd1
my volvo had a little banana on the end of a wire, and a peg board
and you would plug in and count led blink sequences
for a jb weld mold?
superglue is usually very brittle
yeah that should work
gpf: i mostly lived in apartments, we bought candy but knew it would all be ours because kids never showed up
i guess even a lot of houses now because parents paranoid and people mostly go to malls
seems lame
you know you want it

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shit had batteries in ww2, no?

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guy who graduated from same electronics AS program as me just texted how to get current from watts
hardest working guy i know, but damn
nice, i gave him the equation for finding it with resistance and he texted back can he just do P/V
so not totally lost

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so basically a normal top tier racing track
they dont fit well in the middle of a city
silverstone had similar issues for years
right, im saying almost every track will have issues with the roads
because the tracks typically live outside of the city
austin situation is kind of normal, them not making money is very normal, they dont have gov subsisidies as far as i know so financially the race doesnt make sense
neat that they did it, hope they keep it going as F1 financing is prob going to change a lot next couple years

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if you had enough thrust to make that less significant, i still think you have the dive issue you have to counteract
rab: weather tends to create more excitement for F1 races
its prob a) the engines are not popular and b) the championship was effectively sealed up races before
besides mexico

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it might push back on the torpedo, also no support underneath compared to water, im guessing it would want to pitch down
if its fast enough for the steam to reach the propeller, you prob lose thrust
mexico has only happened once
well, not even happened yet, its happening
and yeah if the track expected to make money, clearly theyre not following F1 in the past few years, ive seen a few headlines confirming since last weekend
rab: actually crazy ass weather made the race pretty exciting compared to normal
nicoburg#1 almost beat chocolate senna

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lots of online betting ads

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british commercials are weird

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rab: http://imgur.com/60sFwee
your race track has drainage issues

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greymoon: phone once ended up in a stream, put in a toaster oven on warm for like an hour, worked fine after
one of those little samsung potato flips
oh and i dropped my nexus 5 into a cooler of ice water for about 3/4 sec, but was in a case with little screens over the mic, and nothing got into the jacks, mic

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