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tecan: drugs

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wtf @ 70A
class D amplifier chip
you wont be able to use the application circuits
moon has worked on sine wave power supplies
youre probably going to need current limiting
i think maybe you should just buy a welder with the output you want, heh

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looks like reset pin is the base of a transitor that kills signal to the output stage, or some shit
yeah reset is active low
reset current is low, under 1mA, but the threshold voltage is 0.4 to 1V

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weedmaps changed
i dont like change
increase the time the cap voltage is below (or above) the pin threshold voltage
im also assuming the input is hi-z and not some sort of current triggered input

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cap in parallel with the reset input to ground, resistor sets how fast the cap charges
this assumes reset is active low, swap R and C if otherwise
^ is why ive never used a 555 outside of a school lab
you can drive the reset pin with a UC
then you can called it a mixed embedded system

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resistor from vcc to reset, capacitor from reset to gnd
the threshold voltage might vary by temp and from part to part so id prob go real conservative on timing

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broadcom eth driver and a 1st party IC for conversion
so the $$ makes sense

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same chip? guessing
rab: drivers in post race press conf just said mexgp crowd is craziest ever
bernie talking about two usgp but maybe they should do two mexgp
dont follow but i guess even nascar is fucked in the us right now

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is isolated?
yeah i think just an amp
100m is neat
maybe just video amps
tho at $4 for a pair, maybe just some discrete hax

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not fast

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yeah looks separate
nice @ dedication of certification
tekrad: #1 nicoburg did good

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maybe psrr issues
i wonder if the rev was to increase or decrease esd rating
does autmotive cert cost money?

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nice, they got podium sombreros
sculptor: sot23 w/ built in amps?
yeah those are neat
like 1mA during operating time
not sure what that means
sculptor: operating time is during the 50uS?
thats pretty low

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i dont always think they do =\
you prob pay more for it too =(

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yeah thats not aged like im talking about
butcher sticks a steak in a closet for weeks until its green and marks up as awesome
yeah im fine with that
Dry-aged beef is typically not sold by most supermarkets in the U.S. today, because it takes time and there is a significant loss of weight during the aging process.

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damn youre almost making me care about mustard
mustard was probably more important 500 years ago
it probably smelled like butt and pee everywhere
it prob smelled bad there too
rab: aged meat is a luxury!
wtf @ people eating spoiled steaks
they put a spider on the spider so you can freak out while you freak out

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jews are nomadic, their nation is where they are, shrug
collapse is prob the first step to a stable economy and standard of living
i was about to switch synth to tea
i has to go get more pretzel buns

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prob whoeever is running the fed at the moment
bernie if he gets elected
heh, first jew president would be crazier than first black or female president
also haha @ clinton pissing off feminists and gay rights types with spin
her name is yellen how is that not jewish
right, judiasm is a nationality and can be defined
ethnicity is race as far as i know, cannot be defined
if youre a jew youre from isreal

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yeah too bad there are more religious anti intellectual repubs than party platform republicans
anyway, bernie is the closest thing to an honest politician the presidencial election will see
guy makes the obama look like slime
ha i regged repub just to vote ron paul to troll all of politics
also i dont think bernie will ban all the guns
which is the only thing that doesnt win him dem votes, but it makes him a lot stronger in the general election
omg bottas smashed raikonnen

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dubya protected us
jeb bush is sofucked, haha
rab: are you pro bernie or just depressed?
i think we should engineer bernie sanders ecclestone and elect him permanent overlord
bernie was one of my fav cspan characters during the whole iraq war epic
bush wasnt wacked out?
rab: i dunno man established dem party seems scared shitless of him
thats kind of why im into him for pres
ive always liked him as an honest dude
dx^: were effectivelt fascist
and idealistically, im a libertarian anarchist or some shit
but this real life, and hes the extreme shit we need to actually get this shit pointing in less the wrong direction
if bernie doesnt win trump will
i will not vote for the clinton bitch

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they had the only tea tree shampoo/conditioner that wasnt pussy, but trader joes cloned that shit years ago for like 1/3 the cost
since 1636
my bad, 1632
i just get the cheaper trader joes mustard
we totally a bunch of dumbasses
but we have nuclear fuckin weapons

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gpf: honestly i think a lot of organic food has less flavor, and in the shit is usually smaller
so big diff, a place like sprouts which is pretty much all local, the organic stuff just looks happier
like, less bug holes, less bruising and tears
its cheap in LA
the non organic stuff
i dont shop there
whole foods is fucked for price, but their generic brand stuff is kind of reasonable
whole foods for lunch is a deal
naw you can get lunch for <$10 and its tastey as fuck
also they have bubbies pickles

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anyway, in general i think we should get away from using left over ww2 chemicals for farming
also meat should prob cost like 4x what it does
because middle class mothers without much education are involved now
they just need a label on their shit so they can feel like the joneses
i dunno how much a collard green should cost =\
so is weed and it costs as much as gold!
tho i guess its exceptional

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yeah but you can flush hydro and chem ferts
right im mostly agreeing with you
i dont necessarrily need it to be organic to be okay with it
small farmers can pay more attention and are likely to have higher standard if they sell locally and directly
rab: this is very true
they ship stuff frozen?
thats so ew
would think that would make them kind of crumbly

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also if its true that they cant use pesticides and certain types of ferts for the last 30 days, thats a pretty good reason
diff between flushed and unflushed weed is huuuuuge
rab: typically organic only brands, health food/hippy store brands, are lower production by comparison
organic by huge factory brands just seems like a marketing thing, and for produce i try and buy from places that source from local farms anyway, its not that hard to find
like, sprouts is crazy cheap, and their produce, organice and non organic, is just nicer than supermarket produce, organic and non
fresh n easy is similar

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fuckin comcast
rab: in the case of big factory brands, im guessing the organic stuff is still slower production, but not by much
organic is closer to farmers market and little coop and hippy markets
and id prefer almost any farmers market and university meats lab stuff over supermarket organic
rab: ya everything went up around then =(

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mass production factory farming is pretty disgusting
rab: and in that context probably still smaller production than their other products
yeah i dont go to those supermarkets so much
pretty sure most of my stuff is local
thats sounds better to me

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yeah thats doable but not easy or cheap
ac-130h: is why i prob wont ever use an internal soundcard again
unless its for digital audio
looked cool tho
he cant find
oh you mean like, just use some green plastic
i dunno what a collard green is
but yes im sure some california comfort food has some variation on it
collard greens with a garlic truffle aeoli, stuffed with a kale
i like organic
its almost always smaller production
whatever organic is smaller production runs = higher quality
not if you consider the fertilizer
also persticides
i like the idea of organic farming, but mostly i just like the smaller farms

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if you want to spend some money ^
i hate that shit
they pick up noise on their jack switches, the jack switches get intermittent, even when the shit works right the switching logic and prompts were annoying
and one was sensing on my panel jacks, which im pretty sure dont have switch signals, so fuck knows what hack it was using to jack detect
would randomly flip out
its that or switches in the jacks

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i have issues sometimes when using audio processing software, but i think that has to do with handoff to ASIO part of the driver
chrome doesnt like if you change audio output target
it just doesnt do anything until you restart chrome
yeah prob working in some sort of compatible mode
that only happens in games with me
and not old ones, and usually when shit crashes

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nice, nicoburg in front of chocolate senna, fuck vettels tire died
what card you using?
try the soundcard drivers if youre using m$ ones
honestly my focusrite scarlet is the only software interface i like, the matrix mixer works, isnt to hard to figure out, and doesnt have a fuck ton of DSP enabled by default
windows 7?
that sucks, i like how it has the per application mixer, i havent had too many issues

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yeah, its about tuning the PLL but if it needs to work at multiple sample rates you cant filter as sharp
and i think the tech mostly comes out of sample rate conversion problems
its something audiophools buy because they can plug it into their aes3 streams and shit still works so it must be improved
but the hardware was super important like 10-20 years ago, connecting lots of random studio hardware
i dont think it matters so much anymore because lots of stuff is done in software, everything is effectively synced in the PC, and external hardware isnt used as much

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it actually matters =\
if youre running networked audio with synced stereo streams, pll jitter and drift can eventually cause audible desync
with the sonos stuff you have to know exactly what to listen to, and be crazy familiar with the source material
tiny zipper/phaser sounds in the upper mids mostly
naw, that tech comes out of studio/live sound needs, its credible tech
i guess jitter makes it harder to compensate for the drift

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its starts in 10 minutes
110k people, they run some of the turns through a stadium section, you couldnt hear the cars over the fans in qualifying
haas f1 signed a mexican for next year, so fans have twice as much reason to go nuts

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wonder whats 80s mass production pll jitter was like
google is like fuck you no one cares
they rotate like real ones!
rab: wow the mexicans really missed this shit, i dont think youll have to worry about hosting a gp much longer
i dont think i would go to cota instead, just based on the fans
the mexicans have a single driver in the championship and theyre going nuts

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guys do you think nicoburg will punt chocolate senna at turn 1 for being an asshole?
i hope so
wtf @ 7.5 instead of 8

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rab: that is intended output or just a segment hack?
hahahaha @ jumper per segment
like they werent dynamic?
but didnt they change when you press the turbo?
in this era of computing i was tramatized by friends yelling at me 'DO DUUUR DO DUUUR OMG MOVE'
i like jumpers
the little rocker ones are neat
obviously the answer is 99

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and now he random yells ENGEEEE ENGEEEE when shit gets fucked
according to that its only like $2 to test if its the Vin wire
TP probably means test point
but its not a test point, so it probably means Vin
nice add on to the previous convo
so you can tell it the voltage
thats kinda cool
shitty forkm factor, wont fit a lot of laptops without a dongle cable
didnt that display the FSB speed?

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heh, commrcial designs = disgusting hacks proven by thousands of dollars in testing
heh, i have a artist friend, i explained to him what the sharpied NG on some china prototype (popular in china mfg for no good)

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NC is ambiguous unless it spells out what it means, i just assume no connect
dunno why people assume they go out of their way to be grammatically correct in this case when everything else is loose mnemonic acronyms
its not standard, DNC = NC unless its spelled out
ive seen NC with a *note like DO NOT CONNECT TO ME!
its like unpopulated parts in schematics, ive seen it spec'd like half a dozen ways
DNP, DNF, NF, NP, depop, im forgetting a few

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i dont understand the question

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sculptor: aw cute

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