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fuckin end of the year, all the folders getting fat
heh, grew up, hiked, biked there

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lead free solder and bunch of temp for too long seems to be the way to fuck any tip
lead solder, i swear you cant fuck a hakko tip up using a 936
yeah when i do pcb work ill try and go cool
but wires or big connectors or whatever, shit happens way faster at higher temps
i use the brass coily thing
omg my fucking shoulder is all full of fuck
i thought because i slept funny but now i think because backpack
thats some nerdy shit
academic injury

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if you shatter the element it might be 120v to the tip
dimmer is fine, it doesnt say regulated, long as you can turn it the fuck down
* After finish the longer life tip face
thats good advice
i think it means tin the tip when youre done

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get a stand, its HV and china plastic
and get the tip set
maybe buy two
like radioshack tips, you know they suck so you just buy extra
its built into a 907 iron clone, so maybe its not total shit
wonder if its just a dimmer and a 120/240 element
lope: dont drop that shit

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F1 on FIA and sky sports using tons of drum n bass for highlights vids
bc real drum beats fuck ya

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ha yeah i bet
yeah i use it as machine oil for lots of stuff

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i wonder if anyone does it like my idea
custom hub
everything else would be standard
fuck suspension
tires and knees = suspension

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so i was thinking if i got a rear hub that was threaded for RHD *and* LHD, i could run a motor directly in front of the crank, and couple to the LHD freewheel with a chain
er RHD i guess
wait no my bike is upside down, LHD
yeah i can tell how it works because freewheel is so skinny
those are 6061?
yeah my cranks are aluminum and huge
still dont trust them, china crank
yeah fuck all that
i have some steel ones, gonna buy a white industries freewheel and profile euro bracket over the winter
like, trust aluminum for everything except cranks, pretty much
people are like I BENT MY CRANKS im like, wtf
(bmw cranks are typically heavy tubular steel because gate starts)

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oh yeah
you have crank freewheel on your bike?
the powered one
how the fuck does that work
uses standard bottom braket or the change is there?
and a normal freewheel?
wait one way bearing with like, irregular rollers?
or pawls like normal freewheel
where did you get it?
euro bracket?
they look like white industries freewheels

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like, same drag based on volume or something?
or just same drag
ya thats kind of weird

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project cars, fallout 4, KSP
are kind of what im interested in
project cars supposed to be pretty decent, has real tracks which i <3
i did like first three factorio demo stages
because it lands into a giant hole?
or because it bounces?
did you see elon musk saying the beoing shit landings look like a crash?
like, dude their shit looks like a crash, but your shit is a crash
because too dangerous to bring it down over land probably
we dont have a siberia
yeah but i think the issue is approach trajectory
super long, could break up at any point

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i liked it more than gravity, a lot more, and i liked gravity
gravity was the only situation where sandra bullock freaking out wasnt overkill for the situation
like, okay well youre stuck in space i guess this is appropriate
KSP is one ive wanted to try but am afraid of getting to involved in
heh, cool
its still open beta?
oh nice
kind of waiting for star citizen
its on sale pretty often

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rescuing matt damon is a thing
have you seen the martian?
anyway you should download that shit, great movie
does geeks proud
the JPL guys are hilarious, theyre basically the stars of the film
like, damon has to stay alive and do what they say, and they have to figure out how to get his ass back
bit more complicated than that, but thats kind of the core of it

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in any case, i still dont understand the logic of people not wating beautiful land developed for scientific research
and nuking disputed holy lands
i dont see the connection
and i dont understand the hurting ideas explanation
what was the name of the bad volcano movie with nick cage?
maybe it wasnt him
jow versus the volcano? imdb says it was tom hanks
that was back before he was a respectable actor
before the one where he got in a plane crash or rescued matt damon

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~07:51:44 < DoYouKnow> BlackMoon: what? protesting 20th century science on the ground of spooky voodoo? I suppose we should nuke Jerusalem then...
could you like, step by step the logic on that?
yes i think nuking thge mideast would probably solve a lot of problems long term
but its not very nice and i dont see what it has to do with spooky voodoo vs last century tech
fuck ideas, this is about science and progress versus gorgeous mostly untainted land
its hawaii, all of it is basically sacred, and all of it is basically stolen
both sides have valid points
the natives will lose because thats mostly what natives do
yeah but youre developing undeveloped land, its going to piss people off

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