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maybe your mic
ours are good like, i type 100 dBSPL and the shit goes to 100dB SPL
the measurement stuff is linear as fuck, also the monitor speakers we push them with
we were supposed to do a powerpoint with the report?
where the fuck is this shit fuckin written down, why the fuck are non engineering instructors so shit at organization

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what you end up going with for load and feedback resistors?
also you cant have a gain of dBV
thats like having a gain of 2 volts
its what you do with it that matters
pascals is for science courses
i was annoyed when there wasnt a gas law constant for dB-SPL units, fuckin chemists
honestly the only time we even say pascal in audio is when were calibrating mics
and personally i like the 114 dB pistonphones so pascal isnt a thing again
shrug, everything ive seen is a pascal or 20dB up

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03:17:15 < macegr> currently have in my possession custom-overmolded power only USB cables with 26AWG wires
i fucking hate power only cables

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Take a look at what FDR did many years ago, and he's one of the most highly respected presidents... They named highways after him.
so to trump, having a highway named after you is like highest form of respect

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rab: eheheheh
Ali-G = Junglist Hero

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if haas is racing above mclaren next season i maybe ditch mclaren and go for the ferraris and haas
like into the machine or they just dont stop flow completely?
oh like at the res onto the floor?
maybe installer guy sucked at installing

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bernie is alive because he negotiates better than god
but part of negotiating is 'shit bernie says' which isnt always what he intends
However, Ecclestone told Sky's Craig Slater: "It will be. For sure. They will sort their finances out."
as ferrari's B team, with non american drivers
they got grosjean, tho, hes a pretty cool frenchie drove for lotus this season
its not crazy
he wants european exposure, he will def get it
and they may do better than typical next season, probably not as well as haas thinks but they got a lot of help from ferrari so maybe wont be last
thats weird

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rab: bernie says your gonna get your money shit together and cota gonna do a 2016 f1 gp
mfkr gonna be trollin f1 until hes 105 years old

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which means you can actually afford to buy those tires
heh neat how they blow them up to kind of preshape before vulcanizing
thats was exactly what i thought but he looks pretty comfy with it, shrug

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i get extra durability, basically same weight, the weight is carried lower, and the frame just allows for more flexibility
the only issue is lack of tire availability but thats not that big a deal

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if this thing gets stolen i maybe get a 26" bmx
this seems to be a thing now
why is flat bars a big deal
and most of the light bikes are as light as my bmx
oh yeah fuck drop bars, i wasnt sure if you meant it like try something diff
anyway, if a ~26" road bike is scaled to a normal person how would make sense that it would work well for me
slightly short + stocky
and the geometry of my bike is similar to a race bike because long seat

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doesnt look like they have 24" bmx, just 20"
and they dont seem to have the strip anyway
the cross section doesnt look the same
doesnt have the feature logos on the image either

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maybe you have to stop because your body is like fuck you because youre running
and if your sure youre getting enough oxygen, i dont think the lactic acid is an issue, so its prob lack of energy or overheating or just you joints and tendons like fuck you
then maybe youre dehydrated
rab: have you tried preslimed bike tubes?
i hope theyre not fucked up heavy i could have just got the thorn proof tubes if thats the case

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you could try pneumatic actuators

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