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i think im gonna buy my mom a chromebook
be nice

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this is neat he needs to less talky tho

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life was awesome
but then i finished my nobby burger
now it is less

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except those who dont need to work, because their daddys company is subsidized by the government
my new towells are from pakistan

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hillary is about as retarded as him on a lot of issues so you prob get your wishes
trump wouldnt tho, right?
totally trustworthy, would never bs anyone

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gpf_1: because the truth is scary huh
point for point
its like he has a script and hes checkin em off
fuck christians
fuck jews
fuck muslims
buddhists are cool
gpf_1: iraq was was carried out in the name of a chriatian god according to our leader, a war in which we killed half a million civilians, undisputed
i think christians win at killing civilians for terror purposes
bush said god told him
iraq war was xtian jihad

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yeah it is pretty funny
unless hes trolling
in which case hes a hero
gpf_1: so it must suck to soundlike that kind of person
which fact?
that people who oppose trump are all on benefits?
what about the rich fucks, the journalists, the politicians on both sides, the random people interview
*all* these people on benefits?
and *none* of the young white uneducated males going for trump are?
no a lot of them are definitely taking sides
well thats what most people vote for
the side that will make things better, hopefully
or is this some sort of red vs blue battle to you?
oh and the people for trump what the best for everyone, right?
no i get it i dont agree
i dont want to be a nazi
argue the points or your a christian defending the bible

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im surprised he didnt call it the information superhighway
you want to be a neo-nazi, by all means
his solution would create more terrorists
its been done, weve proven this over and over again
well no one likes being told anything that upsets them gpf_1
thats kind of a circular proof
people who like eating cornflakes also like the taste of cornflakes, did you know?
the problem is the right wing base is scared
and uneducated in terms of history
or theyre just nazis and down with being like that
the KKK and neo-nazis are thrilled with trump
theyve had to buy new servers to keep up recently
gpf_1: http://www.politifact.com/personalities/donald-trump/
analysis seems to indicate that he isnt stating the truth
well the present GOP is fucked
the GOP has been fucked for decades, so this is it just coming to a head
GOP is scared shitless because someone has taken over the christian jihad base
go bomb some mfkrs because your god is better, that worked out great 10 years ago
well sure
but read the points and argue the points
because right now you sound like a christian defending the bible versus science

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yeah its called a non-neo-nazi country
that comparison is accurate
if youre not going to argue the individual points your arguments are weak
no thats just basic correlation of facts
guy is like fuck free speech
guy is like, hey lets call bill gates about shutting down the internet
like, way to pander to the old fucks

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04:51:35 < GPF_1> Most of those that don't like trump are those on free lunch programs.
thats just so false
but thats just not at all true
also considering white trash is a huge receipient of welfare
and white trash is trumps main backer, thats like the inverse of true
well, most of the peopulation is, according to the numbers
fine but thats not what you said
04:51:35 < GPF_1> Most of those that don't like trump are those on free lunch programs.
manyof those who like trump are on free lunch programs
and you have problem with free liunch for public school children?
well thats just the numbers
thats just what the numbers say
and around you is anecdotal
a very tiny percentage of the country

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you cant see how excited the bird is on the panties =(
wtf is if i get close and there are pixels
macegr: heh
that would make a great costume for an asian girl

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0i thought it was gonna pick up weed, i was like, fuckin criminhal

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