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its a thing

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is working

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but was there mostly cool mech shit happening?
because i can forgive it being bad if it has cool mech shit like all the time
ya no one says good things
would just need one more index to keep track of bit
its an AVR
he has no cpu/mem

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why not?
its static data?
i learned how in <30min to do beacon sim
rab: simplicity is neat
yeah no one says good things i still havent seen it
i mean, how do you fuck up mechs

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burny says do it both ways
with wiffle ball bats
why, dont
can you make 1bit arrays?

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i think there is an opcode to swap high and low nibbles
so its possible the compiler does that if there is some way to make it optimize for space
i mean, youre going to make an array and its just going to do what its going to do, unless you are rolling your own array for your array
index while you index

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why wouldnt it fit into 3 bytes
oh maybe you mean for all of your things or a whole group
like, are you trying not to waste space, are you trying to go fast?

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blackmoon: maybe hes talking about like, some specific incident 20 years ago

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