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thats got depth yo

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its got a perm
not sure but i think girl got decapitated
she handles it okay

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omg slippy teflon coated brake cable is slippy
all my other cables just have the teflon liner

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02:49 < GPF> who comes up with this crap?
bruce lee, yo
and the muscle stimulators dont really hurt, shrug
low duty pulse

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rotors will help to disperse the anthrax

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yeah but it doesnt look double barreled
yeah i see it now
its semi auto?
coolest gun in fallout 2

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i dont get gun in topic, it loads two rounds every cycle?

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i guess i should go to library and try and memorize all of E&M equations
fuckin ass keeps talking about how people arent modern, dont understand physics, hes modern because he understands 19th century physics and theyre in the stone age
bitch, its 2015 and youre teaching a class basing it entirely on memorization
modern my nuts

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if its a toy its prob under 250g
if its above 250g, not a toy so much
rc cars cant take down helicopters
people were dumb with their drones, this is the obvious and expected response
its rather light
all sorts of stupid laws
was die hard 3
hope i pass physics 2
insrtructor is such a fuckin asshole, dont want to have to take again
well they have the cases they setup
also they trained most of the modern terrorists in the first place so they got the upper hand

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they go above 83 feet
blackmoon: what do they mean by hell to pay?
FAA will make the rule, lots of people will comply, extra money will be had that wasnt had before, no one with a drone who complies is inconvenienced much at all, and in the event of shit going down, slight possibility they might have something to go on

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sculptor: yes and no
its three toughest classes, so its gonna suck, also because monday less time to study
but it means itll be over sooner, which i cant bitch about

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i has three finals today =\

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