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eskimos dont have xmas

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no its like 10 lines
its because phone bounced or something, its like 5 diff repeated pasted
i didnt get kicked for flooding i got kicked for repeating

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i like that
07:30 < What2Do> world is kinda going downhill
07:30 < itea1> no, they just like sex
07:30 < itea1> it save paying income tax
07:30 < What2Do> thats kinda even sadder
07:30 < What2Do> world is kinda going downhill
07:30 < itea1> no, they just like sex
07:30 < itea1> it save paying income tax
07:30 < What2Do> world is kinda going downhill
i think my phone falling on my mouse did that
ya its a logitech its fine
im surprised because irssi has that paste guard thing
yes obv

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man thats a long letter

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blackmoon: ha, link?
google says it came from the reg

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propane is low pressure, no?
shit is kicked around campsights without a problems
campsites, problem, meh

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omg someone did like punk rock nero remix

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yes the sole job of the government is to ask people what their religion is, and keep lists of it
besides that, hands off

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close the borders, carpet bomb the countries like such as the syria
stamp it done
america wins at global domination
your side wants to keep fighting
coming in from canada 8 years ago was like, angry cops at the DMV
going into canada was like, i wanted to marry the border control girl
that was post 9/11 canadian border control
wait i forgot, she asked if the canadian girl was cute
ya serious

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[svh]: i dont want to be part of america
fuckin embarassing lately, look like a bunch of scared pussies
hey but you guy trump, hes gonna make things really very a lot better for sure
yeah radical islam stole all the jobs
thats just so sad
yes lets prove once and for all that we are the cause of our own demise!
no more ambiguity!
that will fix everything right up

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man flint michigan is like the epicenter of small town bad shit

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theres a lot of junk in space

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omg they landed teh rocket
and then the stream got stuck after someone did like a thundercats HOOOOOOOOOOOOOO
it just finished kinda
they still have to pop out the satellites but the landed the first stage

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it could just be for better trigger resolution
i already says shrug
why not

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one shot pulse, it can show a more square edge
because of higher analog bandwidth
if you have a sharp square wave at 100mhz, the transistions probably look like ghz waves for short instances
anyway lecroy is legit shit, if you go to their site they prob have a doc that will explain their specs
right so itll round the corners and youll see ringing
the lower the bandwdth, the more the ringing
so the higher bandwidth than sampling is maybe done with that in mind

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because its not bandwidth limited at 100mhz?
i would assume it means that if you put a 400mhz signal into it and it has some sort of averaging mode or whatever to actually see it, then itll only be attenuated like 3dB or 6dB or whatever
or maybe its for triggering or maybe they have the same input section for different scope models that have different sampling rates

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because the bandwidth likely refers to the analog bandwidth
could also be a typo
it has an input circuit
that has a bandwidth

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that was motivational
or i guess this is #stonertronics so motavational
guys the wind is at 30mph
and there is yellow rain heading towards us
this might be it

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