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omg 34 degrees

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i thought i was deleting local config and saves but i deleted 18gb download

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^ awesome like the itchy and scratchy compilations

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right its like, just turn the output off until you figure your shit out

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is enabled then disabled crossfire and amd driver switched my primary monitor
spybert: i <3 that book
you would think that in 2015 a pc could switch video modes without acting like its having a fucking siezure
i kind of think wall monitors is neat
but yeah fuck robot police dogs

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man fuck tis-100
im gonna play racecars
asshole developer makes joke about pretend tis-whatever that has nodes with TWO general purpose registers
thats not funny

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macegr: two more segments repaired to unlock last

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macgyver0: im thinking the battery charger is smart enough to know
but maybe it has settings to blow up all the things, shrug
heh maybe too early to start tis100

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the battery has an internal resistance which is a function of current charge and temp and current, and then you need to know how what vout on the charger is trying to do
so easiest way to find out is to test
or find specific examples of other people testing, very similar to your battery and charger
like, just because the charger can do 20A max doesnt mean it is going to do 20A through your battery, means it can probably do 20A through a battery, someone elses battery

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