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you didnt get all these things?
you lost a great a scoop
i did a typo

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that one that everyone has
i have that, doesnt suck
i had that, and liked it better even tho it doesnt have the timer
i dunno those arent cheap, no?
i cant find the scoop that came with my aeropress
i really liked that scoop

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i need coffee

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macegr: theyre korean
they all seemed a bit nuts
she brushes his face
he deserved it

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ew she got salmonelas
initially i was just annoyed she was splattering the edgs and breaking the yolks
omg that ball is too big too boop the kitty
oh man she got her salmonela mouth all over the hot sauce

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dx^: just test with constant set point, find the source of the glitch and the offset

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right so i was thinking its maybe offset current or something
like maybe you can stick a resistor on + inputs to compensate but this stuff is kind of case by case

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but there will prob be some noise irl
you know, because the ether and voodoo
but see noise should be symmetric
dx^: is it really consistent?
can you sim over andover and get the same waveforms?
what about diff opamps?

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did someone rape you while forcing you to play tux racer or something
why is the microsoftness so strong in you
dx^: zoom in, see what happens first, looks like P spikes first but theres I drift that doesnt look real
dx^: so irl, all this shit changes with temp
oh hmm...
like, see how I keeps floatying neg?
right maybe

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that shit reacts before your set voltage
dx^: i think its maybe you initial state
good reason to keep using 7
so the feedback levels should prob all be zero initially
the integral feedback looks like its still ramping towards zero from some sort of initialization hiccup

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so its working normal, ya?
oh wrong blue

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class d amplifier is basically a comarator with a ramp generator on one input and a signal on the other
and zener reference voltage reg works, but they dont handle faults well, tho yours has 1k in series so prob fine most of the time
assuming it doesnt drop out because of the 1k
yeah its neat
theyre used a lot for opamp rails on china gear

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oh im like checking my email
ha, the last time your installation was updated was 692 days ago

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everything will be fine until you get neer freezing or some shit
fuck i should go to laundromat

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yeah but igbt is for his class-d
i dont think he said what the constant current supply was made of
oh you havent built it?
i wanna see
well unless theyre switching, if theyre linear regs, ya, ew

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you want to make a class d amp?
you need to filter the output, or exceed the slew rate of the igbt circuit to get anything but squares out
maybe fine for welding i dunno
dx^: supply is switching?

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probably ignoring or destroying all communication devices at this point

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ha ya that things funny

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man fuck laundry

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basically its boots to linux after power outages because im too lazy to change grub
in practice its like, unused one is emergency use
crunchbang dev quit and says use debian?

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ya i usually xubuntu
whats mint?
i did
i checked its deb based
ya not enough words
i think its arch thats gentoo based?
but i havent used that in i dunno 4 or 5 years, shrug
oh nice it uses openbox
technically this is dual boot, but its booted to windows probably 99.8% of the time

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rab: you switched to deb?

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