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guys its so warm in my home
omg 28F
i could have died
brain juices, frozen

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im a bigger fan of nag champa, super hit, sandalwood

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its okay as long as it isnt mixed with crazy body odor

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tech level: 2002
EL numbers looked awesome at night time endurance races
they were stuffing led strips into the body seams, too, was easier to tell the cars apart at night then during the day

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omg angry tardigrades

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space is like anti southern california
in southern california you can get locked outside and not die 100% of the time
obvious not including riots or bears
space is not like this
never riots, never bears. still cant outside

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wtf the concrete is deflecting?
guys i think the concrete is deflecting
omg so much danger
you know what would be cool
waking up to kid icarus theme music everyday
thats a fucked up commute

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