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ha yeah, 40dB amp stage hits 0dB at 300khz, which sadly is pretty close
but fuckit, 100% headroom

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but thats 10mV input
thats huge!

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this goes into window comparator
after 2 stages, 60dB of gain, my target voltage is like -/+ 178mVpk
250uV input
mics are dumb
crazy shit is a got a crazy rectifier into comparator circuit almost working at work today
someone elses circuit, got it working but then id come back 10min later and output would be stuck
poke at bottom of pcb, shit works again for a few seconds, gets stuck
60 dBSPL input levels, shit worked over and over at 94 dBSPL input levels

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so you see these caps in tons of audio circuits, almost never populated
like, haha bitches you made an oscillator and got scared
or ran out of opamp money
these amps have 0.68 MHz GBP
i would have put it in kHz at least
then people be like, DAAAAAAAAAAAAAYUUUM oh wtf wait no that sucks
well gain is 40dB
but i only want like 2kHz bandwidth, only a detect circuit
like, i counted filter deebeez on my fingers and shit was close
like, decrease to next 20% cap value and esplodes

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macegr_: ha jezus fuck mics
so yeah i got these cheap slow as fuck rrio opamps, tons of gain, need to bandwidth limit
enter feedback capacitor hell
but cool shit i think i can figure out minimim feedback cap value in ltspice pretty quick
like, put the 1v signal, do ac analysis, when signal gain hits 0 dBV, shit better be below gbp

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so neat think about sister being in jail is i can go to moms and play with the cats she abandoned there
6 months old tabby is typical tabby kitten, so completely nuts

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