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yeah i get a comparator input at most
its gotta have crazy high impedance too because this thing just snoops in parallel with actual preamp circuit, which is powered down because part of some ic

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macegr_: did you do rectifier?
im like fuck the rectifier, shit was asymetrical as fuck, so my version is just a pair of inverting amps into window comparator
ltspice is like thumbs up for rock n roll

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the trick is pretty much higher manufacturing tolerances
you can use looser suspension and tighter gaps if things are built perfectly
could just cool them internally
dont think so
you can cool the voice coil which is usually what fails
yeah maybe but it would get messy
also pobably loose some sensitivity from the drag
bbl fewds

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blackmoon: sensitivity would be low due to weight
theres two ways to make a transducer tune lower
one is add weight, which kills sensitivity because it takes more power to move it
the other is too loosen suspension, which causes instability issues
but increases sensitivity
and 1000C is only 3x more power than 300C
so less than 6dB difference
most people dont notice differences of less than 3dB
i think you just get less output
impedance mismatch
that would probably be easier than actually making it work well

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