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he needs more hot glue
well put it on the foreign aid list and start air droppin glue sticks

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mrgoose: they dont have vid of the exciting part yet anyway

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they smashed the leg
because how do you not smash the leg landing on a boat

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_digital_: probably because rocket smashed it =\
would be cool if they did a second done ship for camera
wtf boat
seems like they could have at least made a platform
yeah i think they lost the actual stream, it was freezing up a lot when they had it up
i guess it is possible that the rocket smashed it tho, heh

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spacex stream stuck on waterhose
nice they heard me
water hose shot fails when it counts

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it has a stream input and selection inputs
the selection inputs controls what output the stream goes to
how are you still doing digital logic

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the spaces streams are cool
i like their timeline thing
why they keep trying to land on a boat
guy i know from dnb stuff is gonna be at jalama beach with his kid, should be able to see the launch

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plastics and metals, for something that is going to be injection molded
also its not like we would call a shop and be like HEY WE HAVE A THING WE NEED YOU TO EDM
you give them a design, and theyre like WE WANT TO DO IT LIKE THIS IS THAT OKAY
ya working
in chrome
ad blocker ad blocking
no im saying its working with my ad blocker running

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anyway, ive seen it done for heatsink fins just because machining that deep with an endmill would be silly
and for weird features into walls
usually a secondary process
like machine most the shit, then edm the funky shit
blackmoon: again, forever is relative
because prototype of a casting
tooling would cost weeks and tons of money
and if you get it wrong, more weeks and more money
so a few days to get a machined and EDM'd prototype is a deal
and you cant extrude heatsink fins into the curved interior walls of a cast aluminum enclosure
i dont even think a 5 axis could do it, because the part is in the way
so now you need special robot arm 5 axis
so more leadtime, more cost, more potential issues
yeah machines prototypes are the best

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sure you do
because its still cheaper than doing a tool incorrectly
and might be cheaper than the 5 axis cnc trying to do tiny or impossible features
you ever quoted tooling?
or its a feature done in a cast with a slide
or multiple shots
yes weird overhand shit that would be blocked by the part on a 5 axis dealy
or shit that would require special tooling to cnc
like deep grooves
electric discharge machining
or electronic dance music
blackmoon: you can shape the electrode
yeah not always
sometimes its a shaped tip
yeah sometimes

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edm is neat
edm prototypes, really close to the real thing
sounds like they dont even know if it works

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