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dx^: ya fuck cubes
unless cube has an electronics workbench in addition to normal bench
plus electric guitars
that was an okay setup
er, in addition to normal desk

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dx^: interview at your work or at newplace?

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maybe want to try actual heatsinks and a better clamping solution
i just drilled c channel and used 4-40 nuts and screws with star washers and fiber washers
drilling and tapping heatsink extrusions happens
you can prob drill and use self tapping screws

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wtf prime added a $10 discount to a $20 discount for failout 4
oh right something happened like late shipping and i got amazon credit
i paid of the car
what kind
at least the fender flares dont look tacked on now

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you need cyanoacrylate jets

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no urmom
they didnt have single folders in assorted colors
so instead, this semester i have penguin kitten puppy koala

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but its just zebra tape

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buy an original acura nsx
and some snow chains
its a honda, crazy reliable

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naw my car is like 6% apr
way better than my CCs
but my remaining payment all happen before ill actually get another paycheck so might as well pay now, save prob like $50 in interest
omg car paid off
blackmoon: ya and i think i get free engine rebuild, too

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should i pay off my car?
k doing

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oh maybe theyre soldering fitures to keep the wires straight
svh: moar words

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wait wat
the led is gonna melt all the things!
has little wire channels, so i think theyre for mounting
fine as long as they done get very hot
but like, why get star mounted LEDs if not to run them very hot
unless using thermal adhesive, id worry about clamping force long term

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its a thing
i should unpack the car
chrome says your evil site is evil

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