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oh neat its dnb
the_gfr|w: this is actually some of the best music macegr has posted

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holy fuck my computer is not a cheap computer
how down is down?
like theyve given up?

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so much test gear like this
windows app just pushes console shit over serial
using .zip means ur a ppl person

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macegr: bills are paid, and if money doesnt happen im future fucked anyway
computer parts would mean future fucked like a week sooner
i could wait until work check shows up, but i mean that could be months fallout is here now
i have more gpu gigamegs than system gigamegs

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timecop: rams, have an opinion

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#reddit-buildapc almost doesnt care, one guy says get reg unless a server

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guys should i just assume school money will actually happen and buy computer parts now
or wait a week for said money to happen
failout4 is arrived today
also should i spend the extra $75 for badass latency ram, or just get regular
like, cl12 vs cl15, both at cpu native speed

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no, you get a homedir on a server with g++
the submission server is neat, compiles your code and runs some tests on the code and executable
two more labs and im done until spring break
theres like, number guessing game and rock paper scissors lizard spock projects, i can probably finish those in a few hours
rest is group stuff, kbbl have to go sit in lab and i guess get more ahead
ask if i actually have to go to lab
i was doing lab assignments with connectbot and hackers keyboard on android, i dont think i need to use their computer facilities
pretty cool the class doesnt default to visual studio
install linux distro is usually first thing i do for a lunix class, they did that for me
er, for a programming class

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wtf, we gotta edit a .cpp on google drive as a group

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omg lab 11 is a cat adventure game
maybe takes more than 20min

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k im like 30 days ahead
now i gotta do read the text file

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used its maybe $250 worth of books, not that bad
new is prob like $1k, fuck all that
the PDFs are a pain to use in comparison, physically lightweight is the only real benefit
and most instructors wont let you use them for open book tests
epub plugin for chrome not working

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snopes says its satire
i wish i could afford books
some of the textbooks starting to get interesting
like, this semester is engineering risk and economics, materials science and engineering, linear circuit 1, and c++
heh, c++ doesnt have a book which is pretty cool
but i wouldnt mind owning actual books for the three other classes, cant find the risk and economics pdf so i prob buy
renting is kind of affordable

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i have a dir of hundreds of c++ books, includes the ansi ref
got fallout today
when i upgrade this pc, i use parts to rebuild the original 2009 pc and use a file, media server
get all my spread out data in order
sculptor: k&r?
wtf chrome app launcher
sculptor: oh for c++ not c
sculptor: is this the guy who said he invented OOP to keep programmers in jobs?
funny interview, seems to be truestory

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ha, not even close yet and im doing lab 6
were on switches, yo
about as intro as intro gets
my programs are passing the test server, but i realized none of them so far end with a return
mostly i use that

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2 weeks ahead on c++ labs, still two hours left before lab class

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hmm, in lab today i have to learn how to use the linux
make dur and similar things

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today we learned that an electron entering one side of a wires bumps out the electron on the other side of the wire

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