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alcohol based sounds cool, i dunno really
alcohol based might be low viscosity stuff like flux pens

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11:13:43 < macegr> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KjsHSzW43FE
heh, Le Bich

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so my mom is like, HALP FIND ME A LAPTOP UP TO $500
so i do portable picker up to $500 find her something its like $490
shes like YA BUT HOW ABOUT THIS ONE, same model one tier up, better cpu and screen, $505
mom doesnt even need help anymore
she asked if it will come with windows 10, comes with 8 but i told her just keep clicking stuff eventually it will ask you if you want to upgrade to windows 10

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so the ultra pro criminals walk around with crazy bright lights on their foreheads?

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i think we got like ~ 25 mpg, scion xbox pinned at 90mph the whole way
my friend got it serviced theyre like JEEZ YOU RACE THIS THING OR WAT
one time, like 60k miles ago, i got 32mpg
65mph in 5th whole time, drafting trucks, no a/c
but now i do average like 26 on road trips
always like 23 city driving
have you search ali express?
would be surprised if there wasnt some sort of wang computing

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pro computer
guys my parts are on the way
but they are not here
guys wtf
guys i never learned to arduino all the kids are gonna laugh at me
i ordered you mom chinadirect
she got mold in the container
6 weeks on the boat, lots of mold
had to totally scrap her clothes, buy new clothes, sold her anyway
didnt even b stock her
no time or money
maybe going to oregon for spring break
gas is cheap
i dont remember how much we paid in 2007

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phone should be in front of the steering wheel, not behind

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