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yeah looks neat
almost like a fountain pen

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sculptor: tinned pads should be fine, you dont want a ton on the exposed bottom pad
like, you want enough for coverage, but if you do too much, the chip wont sit flat and soldering the edge pins will be a bitch or impossible
if its a plated pcb, you dont even have to mess with wick, maybe not even flux
bit of flux core solder with an iron, kind of rub the solder around with the tip like a marker
yeah stuff like that:
1) tin pads
2) blob of flux
3) position chip in the flux
4) hot air, high heat low pressure, watch out because this will kick a lot of hot air setups into overheat
im using doing this under a microscope, and im usually holding the tip in place with some tweezers
not like, pinching the chip, just slight downward pressure with the tip of the tweezers so it doesnt blow away or rotate

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shrug, i mostly tin pads shrug, i mostly tin pads with an iron if im soldering with hot air (as opposed to reworking)

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