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13:26 < Lope> timecop is everything okay at home? the quality of your trolling has gone down.
ha, called out
in .jp things only get better, nice

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mrgoose: thats been in the topic
more than once i think

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no youre not

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then you will have extra

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okay my maths works again
wtf why is there going to be CF in your bathroom?
racing toilet seat?

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you can switch at the speed of light and you can still get pops if the signal isnt changed at zero crossings in both signals
gotta fade-in/out
ya but will work wether you switch before or after
switching before is probably smarter, but i dunno maybe he doesnt have access to the inputs of both amps
my maths didnt work
how can the math not work

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you could track for zero crossings and flip the relay at just the right time
switching signals before the amp wont stop popping

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yeah so use a switch
without a switch, the answer is no you cannoy have a single speaker and two sources
not easily
a relay would be better

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holy fuck thevenin and norton
well now i can design a voltage divider to work within a range of voltages given a variable load
until i forget how and have to figure it out all over again because who does this

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i have no days off, the holiday is a myth

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new stuff = company contracted 10k of these, we made 15k, buy our stuff
unless you need 10k =)

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'our switch guy isnt with us anymore'
fuck switchcraft

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timecop: windows 10 is pretty okay

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also i dont want generic functionality, i want shit like mic/instrument impedance switching and 20dB pad switching to work, along with associated panel LEDs, also i dont want to have to test the midi to *know* it will work
timecop: hes probably right in context of it being good for his business, keeps the customer calling for help

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so like, scarlett 6i6 kind of works
note people mentioning kernel swap outs and only certain versions pulseaudio
2i2 works, because 2i2 is cheaper, more popular, less features
in any case, hardware like this will be released with windows and osx drivers ready at launch
often includes software mixer utilities, neither of these things are true for lunix
you have to wait for devs to bite and finish, if they are interested enough to do so
so yeah, persoinal experience, its better than it was 15 years ago but its still uphill compared to just using the hardware on the OS it was developed for

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u rabd
the_gfr|w: generalize enough?
the_gfr|w: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=2270355

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