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wonder if it reflowed the solder with ripple current

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omfg lab report done
fuckin pretend white paper with fucked data bullshit
i has to get my car smogged

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macegr_: because then you can have one doing your laundry while another grills a steak

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oh man if she cant want from in the butt, sitting down is probably rough too

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i dont think she figured it out tho, i think she just pretended she did

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woah, fake and gay = f.a.g.
only if in context of politics?
haha, overheard at school:
"what do you mean ass fuck, why do you keep saying things are something ass fuck"
"what, no, lame as fuck, get it?"
"like, because butt fucking is lame?"

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ha nice
i just :wq a cell in excel

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ill still avoid them if i can

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fixed that had to call back because a credit they promised never showed up
they say itll show up tomorrow

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their call centers must be staffed by chibi asians

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man fuck comcast
i miss time warner
their payment page is throwin up connection errors

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rab: i go to a state school, school is not out
also i am out of weed

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