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brutal nature is mean
i died at grappling hook

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yay done

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i think the window was scaled funny
like it was in windowed mode at more than 1920 1080, anyway i has to do prelab then sleeps

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install compet0r
blackmoon: can i play without server
it says server mismatch

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omg google autoplays 45min racing dr presentation =\
haha this guy funny

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yeah but theyll bunch up
normal rally format
its like a 15 mile circuit
From 1911 the Isle of Man TT transferred to the much longer Snaefell Mountain Course of 37.40 miles (current length 37.73 miles).
Lap recordJohn McGuinness 17 minutes,
thats >120mph average
its rises up out of the towns in the mountains, gets crazy fast
they lose riders more years than they dont
Between 1907 and 2015 there have been 141 competitor fatalities during official practices or races for the Isle of Man TT Races.
so i think its fascinating like music
it makes no practical sense but its almost considered a human right, to try and go fast

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blackmoon: have you ever watch isle of man TT racing?
superbikes and sidecar racing on rally style course
this is crazier than most rally
dude if they know there isnt nything in the grass on the side of the road, they will put their helmet in the grass
but check out the alternating stone walls and hedges on the inside corners of that vid
this and pikes peak hill climb prob the most insane forms of rally
thats a slow section and martin is prob averaging way over 100mph

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my guess is pretty often at monaco
heh i find some old monaco pics...
thats how it used to be
drivers have gone over the rail and ended up in teh harbor
two of them i think
its a lot safer now
prob just crashed
monaco isnt hard on the engine, its hell on the drivers
its the slowest course by far, and it would not be allowed if were introduced today
its tradition, thats the only reason

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naw F1 isnt like rally, spectators dont die so much
its inherently unsafe
most tracks have big signs at the front gate that they are not responsible for your safety
heh, in F1 they go over almost all the inside curbs at the apex
theyll only avoid them if they break the car
not many walls

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yeah but this is like, both hands on the wheel while shifting wheel to wheel with $20M cars
anyway, im not even sure it raced
someone snapped a pick of the pedal and it was banned as soon as they realized what it did
i think it did a practice session i can check
well its the teams
they wont let a team have any advantage
naw you cant hack driver controllers very much
thats how senna died
they welded a steering column, hack adjustment, last minute, bad weld
i believe the name of that painting is 'if only' he never stodd up in real life
theyre tighter now
theyre laying down with their feet at chest level because raised noses
crash testing is mandated
there are wheel tethers since a wheel killed a track marshalls
no i doubt it
i think they were just in too much of a hurry, and because of the angles and light they didnt realize how bad it was

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right youd get it, because you know all about electronics
they made a gas capacitor
that got banned
there was a rule that you could have a system actuate active airflow channeling
basically modulating pressure zones to reduce drag on straight
they figured out the driver isnt a system
o they used the drivers knee over a hole to actuate the system
so they had an effectively active system, with no active components
it was a tube with a hole in it near the drivers knee
er, ya couldnt
another hack... normally drivers adjust front/rear brake bias to control the amount of rear lockup, basically if you can control it, you can rotate the car while braking
cost is stability, and its hard to module
mclaren used a left foot pedal for rear brake boost
because no foot clutch on the semi auto transmissions
yes exactly

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thats just the way it is
it has to be that way or money always wins
yeah active suspensio9n was awesome
supposedly the most advanced F1 car is a late 90s era williams
active suspension, lots of active throttle control
F1 is about the cars
give it 20 years
theyre going to have closed cockpits soon
F1 uses pump gas, very similar
also theyre pushing crazy efficiency numbers
because the rules limit them to 100kg/hr of fuel
ha, i think it was ferrari, basically running some sort of reservoir or very flexible hose *after* the flow metering
so they could basically use it as a cap, get above the max flow rate for a bit without going over

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thats actually not uncommon in F1
my guess is incidents between drivers are almost 10x more likely in the first half lap when theyre going thru corners two and three wide
thats a notable one
its usually under 20 =)
but it was probably about $50M in hardware
not an exgeration
formula 1 is kind of weird, its like the drivers enable the engineers instead of the other way around

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its all relative, hes prob a better driver than anyone we know
he got a juke move into the 2015 f1 wobble gif
second to last (before the crash)

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oh man he made a new one...
ha fucked, hes using 80s/90s era mclaren-honda stats instead of mclaren stats
macegr_: pastor maldonado was pay2drive, he was sponsored by venezualan national oil company
he won a race for williams once like 4 or 5 years ago, nothing since, crashes a lot
his team lotus got bought out by renault, and hes replaced by a pay drivers sponsored by malaysian national oil

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fucked, thats exactly what i pictured
omg ferrari and mercedes f1 car launches tomorrow
crashing is slower than drifting
crashtor lost his ride =\

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maybe, if theyre pdf
iu dont care so much about making holes in rocks tho
they have feelins too you know

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wow, new rental management girl sent a question in comic sans

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man im upset
i made magic cat game about cat names and cat lives
ya i timed out

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they need to be able to do it in same time or faster with lower rejection rates for the extra $1 but if they can its a deal
sculptor: yeah because labor not cheap so they have to win with efficiency, easier with higher volume
turning on a line can be fucked up slow, even if its cheap =\
if you digikey/mouser, you have some to wtf at

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which goes back to the QA thing, if youre having them do outgoing qc, and make them responsible for the failures, they usually wont source bad chips
because it just fucks them
if the contract isnt setup like that, youre just random customer, its easier for them to source random bullshit and cross fingers
prob most of the time shit works
prob sometimes it doesnt, foreign company just deals with it and doesnt push back much, because they need the manufacturing relationship
its just business, if you make them money and are respectful theyll take care of you
if youre an ass, theyll only perform if youre standing there in china yelling at them
which is difficult to sustain, not to mention mean
where is this?
yeah they know how to make shit
china is going to keep getting worse, stuff will balance out

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but yeah, contracted pcba done by a pretty respected audio gear company
and shit they sourced was blank with lasered logos, and old logos, and part numbers for footprints that dont exist in the datasheet
like, 8 pin microcontroller, but datasheet has minimum 10 pins
maybe a cheap varient, no english datasheets, maybe fake
but not really a copy
teknique: lots of companies just let the factories source
and omg do they get creative
right if it always fucked up no one would do it, it wouldnt be a thing
arguably its how some of the companies ive worked for stayed ahead
yeah they have all the same equipment, shrug

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one project, we had 80s logo natsemi chips
like, old is better than fake but not necessarily good
something shady about that supply chain if its not an EOL chip
and if its EOL or close, wtf design already fucked
right i would expect for ebay and similar
but for production runs of about 20k a year, its going to be hard to source that many reclaims
not impossible, theres prob warehouses in china that specialize in this, but my guess is that they figured out counterfeitting old chips doesnt get them in trouble
sculptor: continuous?
and i dont think it matter, a machine to seal parts prob isnt expensive there
right but i figure max lots is prob a few hundred units
unless like, iphone chips or something
so more than that and youre just getting lucky, like they have a pile for some random reason
yeah testing the chips in that case is totally reasonable
testing 100 of chips and the money you saved gets eaten pretty quick

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parts just look well lit for example not dirt on the glass platic date code on the upside down chips
and who cares if desk is scratched up, its a factory
thats a phillips logo?
anyway, buy from china, expect shady, test all parts
save on parts, spend it on QA
ive never seen that logo on ti
its phillips
and it looks like two generations of parts
one has the wave and stars
one just has the circle and shield
and yeah, im pretty sure anything modern and phillips has the NXP logo on it
thats just wide bold NXP as a logo
so theyre old or fake

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omfg fuck these left over copy pasta hacked up couse links
the assignments prompts on the portal dont match whats loaded on the test server
this problem all semester, because they are copying over edited source code on 3rd party student course portal
i kinda feel like you can do that with shift regs if creative
bigger tho
because bulk?

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i think c++ class test server considers my input error check an infinite loop
i dont even think it tried to compile it, lame

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only if cloudy plus sediment

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