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ha, fallouts arent super awesome until you have a good sniper rifle
also omfg at explosive shell shotgun

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blackmoon: http://foxtrotalpha.jalopnik.com/this-video-shows-cluster-bombs-detonating-in-the-dense-1759289467
holy fuck cluster bombs at apartments

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wtf soundcloud
cyndi lauper?
covering hits of fallout or some shit
but seriously, cyndi lauper? promoted track bullshit, cyndi lauper?

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omg just because the dinosaur is at walmart doesnt mean he is a criminal

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you seem to be okay with this
i wonder where that dinosaur keeps his wallet

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its like people of walmart w/o the proof
this is greater than the top 20 not always posts
and it was like the 3rd link
ikr, so progressive
reptiles are people to macegr_
they need safe spaces free of bigger reptile people
its okay one day your egneration will die
not all dinosaurs are giant

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just doesnt pop, bubble mailer is pretty thick cardboard, ate it up fine
and yeah bubble wrap by itself sounds like a mess

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bubble mailer in the shredder, total dissapoint

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holy fuck the bass on these is not very tasteful

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not even sure why the republicans complain this is their stupid fuckin plan
wtf do i know the SUSPECT(S), fools you didnt even tell me who the SUSPECT(S) is
mfkrs gonna make me use the telephone, fuck this im playing with new cheapo headphones like nothing is wrong

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oh nice, local post office says my id info was found in some sort of mail theft investigation and then they send me a photocopy of a notebook page with said information
then put this personal info in the place where the original info was stolen from (my mailbox)
i guess they are trying to use my health insurance, which kind of sucks because i dont even use my health insurance
well i guess i should help them with their investigation, it appears they may need all the help they can get
also fuck, i need to follow up on medi-cal shit, im not sure if i have state coverage, or this is just some sort of formalization of obamacare, or both, or what
i got too many cards dammit and im prob gettin ripped off by insurance companies
thanks obama, weak ass bitch

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is that some shit in 1987?
haskel is a st in the valley that parallels the 405 like sepulveda but little and on the other side

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im two monkeys
big jacket
skinny guy big jacket
and then nothing happens
guys today i learned what a vector is in c++
id did not know that before, college is neat

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macegr_: haha
better than tin foil
so anyone every make d'yer MAKE:r jokes?
especially if you say it out loud like 'jamaica?'
someone 40 years ago gets it
someone wit dat glue ring solder ring insertion technology
monet is kind of neat

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gut feeling, some skateboard bearings will work close to forever, some will work for a few weeks
thats kind of the strata you are working in
you can just WD40 them everyday like a skateboard
thats all there is to them really
better seals and youre prob good, with close to any grade bearing
does the grease come out?
prob not very good seals if it squishes out
thats good

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i think abec is mostly about spec at crazy high RPM
this is for line linear way rollers, no?
rab: still true, but less so
right so im not sure abec ratings make a huge diff
prob abec-anything means good enough
and sealed bearings with tight enough tolerance and hard enough components should work well enough
even not abec spec
better bearings will take longer to sieze
maybe, like if its a sealing issue you need better seals, if its a tolerance/hardness issue, you just need less shady bearings

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well do they feel super badass?
abec-9 should feel super badass, like there shouldnt be any doubt
and abec rated bearings arent uncommon for skateboards
isnt that on the very high end?
ya $1.13/ea seems a bit on the low side
rab: honestly in a lot of cases i think its basically same tech, but uncertified
like, there was a lancaster guy who did ceramic stuff for mil contracts who sold a line of ceramic skate bearings,were reasonably priced

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