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color is noisy but the non digital animation converts to 1080 great, crazy details in the background
wonder if ghost in the shell would look super dated now for same reason

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the other ones arent prime either so you would have to pay shipping too
wait wtf is that about
is that just some dick move shit or what
wait what
they cant suck the normal ones? haha
thats kind of funny

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ha 28gb akira anniversary blu ray rip is noisy
like, the lines are all sharp but the solid colors are all noisy, also a good amount of those film specs
like, higher compression rip would have prob killed the noise, heh
macegr_: http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B0017TMB64
$6.99 for 200 sheets, but if you buy 2 its $59 and for 3 is $79
i buy that stuff, its the best deal on engineering pad per sheet and non shitty color and margins
but ya no idea wtf thats all about

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kbbl, heh

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wait what
However, an electric vehicle with aluminium batteries has the potential for up to eight times the range of a lithium-ion battery with a significantly lower total weight.[1]
thats pretty fuckin racecar
nuclear fusion peltiers

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miatas are not fast
ha, my car is significantly faster =\
and yeah they dont have the power to break the rear away
i could get a miata, another volvo, and maybe still have a bit to spare
my crx didnt have power steering
made like zero diff in that car
blackmoon: my crx was 1650 lbs from the factory
lotus elise might be heavier
holy shit tesla roadster is 2700 lbs?
and thats is why gasoline will always be more racecar
batteries dont get lighter as you use them up either

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didnt have issues at speed when my power steering failed
was kind of nice actually, even in the canyon
MGB roaster or GT?
roaster is a convertible
the gt was like a honda civic
heh, those are neat, total money pits tho
yeah they wont survive that
i think im going to sell my car and get a miata

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with current geometry, the wheels wants to turn instead of stabilize forward
also, yeah its the fwd problem in reverse
i think power steering might keep it from happening
but the same geometry that causes your wheels to point straight when moving is what makes them want to pull to the side when reversing
its related to the axis the wheel is steering around being in front of the contact patch
youd go to turn a bit and it would just rotate the wheel all the way
then much rolling

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theyll be two pieces or who knows, but its the fastest solution, so in the end i think itll win
immediate future is this...
you can adjust seat in rfactor
which changes mirrors a bit
macegr_: eh but itd be the same
in sim racing you already have no g load reference
you would have to physically lie on the ground with a monitor or mirror above, and even then i dont think the perception think would matter because of the lack of dynamic g loading
could do an enclosed rotating sim and just rewire the axis
i think mclaren has one of those, not sure if its what they use for training or its just something for clients to play in

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if they didnt make up the cog thing with aero, it just wouldnt be done that way
no they just look left and right?
actually thats racing
get get more than half a car length along side, and the space is considered yours
less than that, and you have to back off
let the person in front go wide
i wouldnt be surprised
rab: only their head is oriented forward really
theyre already lying down, but massa got hit in the head with a spring few years ago
bianci died when his car got wedged under a track crane, and kimi almost got decapitated by alonsos car when his went under
so they want to put cockpits or some sort of bar
i think eventually theyll go to cockpits, endurance racing already uses them

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edge of technology.
sounds like theyre going to do the halo thing for 2017
blackmoon: aero
well i dont think it changes suspension geometry much
and i think it maximizes the downforce from the front wing
what happens to the air down there is kind of a focus, some teams now have an "s-duct" that pipes air from below the nose to the top
and yeah i dont think the driver counts much vs the engine and transmission and wheels
theres a bit of ballast to play with, too

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rab: from the looks of it, you would just have to walk up to it and push it over, then casually walk away while it takes 2 minutes to get back up
also in that context, im happy they didnt make another dog
fuck that dog
like, the humanoid ones are as goofy as the honda bot
the dog was symbolic

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oh man
i dont want that thing moving boxes

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the normal leaf spring ones are usually okay, i dont like that unlock if youre holding tight and the handle rotates, but its better than the detent on leaf spring bullshit
ya weird thats something diff
[cube]: haha ya fuck my knife pinching me because im holding it wrong
wtf general lee 2
if youre a collector and dont plan on using it a ton

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its just got a little knub detent lock?
it looks like a leaf pushes a detent into the blade
i dont like those
its too simple
like, pull that on someone, they would rear behind the blade and pull it towards them, rotate the blade edge into your fingers
put the blade into something with a lot of friction, say like a piece of wood, pull it out and it stick, rotates the blade edge towards your finger
it doesnt lock, its bullshit

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if gov could pull that off, id be impressed

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