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omg i think i broke fallout

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whats a firenock

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ha fishing pole tip lights
fishing floats, and microphones
yeah its for shorting LEDs across
my guess is its just body contact
those looks like you could rig tomething like a TS or barrel jack
it looks like some shit plugged into the shoulders and spine of a mech
chewin it up

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thats so mecha
doesnt look safe to bend the pin

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i couldnt hold out out past 1m10s

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shrug, messy
would be neat for synth controller

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we put catnip on the tips of 999 cats tails
then we get 1000 dark sunglasses for cats
and then cat 1001 we aim at cat string with laser pointer
cat 1001 is cat tap

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i want cat pots
why is this not a thing
it should mean something and it should be a thing
i propose a string of 1000 cats, with a cat tap

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cannot hour nap bs lab
bc lab
not like real lab
like, fisher price lab
i wonder if the school bought this equipment in the 70s and once it was new
or in the 70s they had electronics gear from the 40s
pots the size of cats

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want to sleep
cannot sleep
creepy guy is creepy

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