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macegr_: http://i.imgur.com/qkn4iY3.jpg
i think thats mine
4pcb deal
or expresspcb or i dunno
oh nice thats after it burnt up
left chipamp, notice you can see through some of the pins
i used arctic silver because it said it was non conductive
it lied
or maybe they meant mostly non conductive at 3v, not 60v

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macegr_: nice

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i just thought it was funny like churchill all ITALIANS HAVE THE PASSION TO BLOW THEMSELVES UP FOR TANK KILLING

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stop killing thousands of people in the mideast because 'war' and bitching that they *actually* fight back
14 people dead on our side in like 15 years, pretty sure were winning at inflicted civilian body counts
haha I read [Italians added for emphasis]
read it again like that

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so like, one would assume mcafee understands salted shadow passwords
dead guy maybe has friends, his actual plan is below
haha @ hardware engineer and software engineer to recover and go through disassembled code
more like a hardware engineer and a hardware engineer and 100 years

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fuck man find a new career already i dont think ive seen you do anything except bitch except when you were going on about some database software top level design

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