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man fuck engineering economics test
one problem no one got the same answer, i got $75k down, other people got $100k and $150k down
least we all agree this dudes 10 year plan is a pipe dream

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k take that, bbl

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so theyre a normal electronica act?
nero is neat because the bring the girl to their live sets
also because they know how to produce for wtf massive sound systems
man i have to detach you guys or this engineering economics course work never gonna get done

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i dont even know what that means
also haha @ mortal combat soundtrack
i specifically remembering being a kid like 'okay, there has to be something kind of like this thats cool, but not at all this'
this presets shit sounds like nintendo ate a bowie

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man google coldplay drum n bass remox and no one in the scene pops up
rab: thank you for making my point
who the fuck is azhot
and why did he name his sound system after a connector
i mean, its a good connector, usually
hes french
kind of mid 00s summertime liquid dnb sound
releasing on sunshine recs, which is brazil
okay so brazil and/or france are down with coldplay dnb

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macegr_: could you just direct link the time where the riff happens
because i have no idea what youre talking about
okay so i make zero connections and this makes me happy
enjoy coldplay life
ya, have never heard that
sounds like post alternative trying to be that other brit band with the wonderwall
but at least those guys could stay stupid controversial shit of which the specifics i do not remember
ill take your word that fedde le grande is a big dj
despite his name suggesting otherwise

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wait so skinny puppy is not industrial?
someone played me some kraftwork, it sounded like a sad nintendo
ya man i dunno you obviously are more into it than me
because i dont listen to either
i feel left out of all the lady gaga jokes too
i didnt know what she looked like until maybe a year ago

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well the prodigy is arguably original drum n bass
and nin did a track in 96 with amen breaks
so i dont see where your misunderstanding stems from rab

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not surprised, so did magnesium engine blocks
on air cooled cars
lead wok would probably suck

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flame cooking ball joint
titanium is for dabbing, not cooking
magnesium wok should be a poem

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my mom always had carbon steel woks, theyre neat except they rust
kinda nasty
is serious eats alton brown?
right im aware of how to take care of corroding cooking equipment
which is why i dont want it
stainless wok should work fine if its thin enough, can prob be even thinner than carbon wok but at that point youre probably decreasing returns due to localized heating depending on stover flame pattern and radius
those rings for non flat bottom woks prob make a huge diff in terms of even heat
im guessing those make a much bigger diff than material

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i use no oil no fat is tasty not smushy
well what about popcorn ants
okay i made that up there are no popcorn ants
yeah wok would work okay
i need one of those anyway
anyway, coffee roaster popcorn is best popcorn.
carbon steel one?
i was thinking about getting stainless copper stainless one
right because seasoning drama
stainless is hardly fancy
most restaurants use stainless shit, my cheap stainless shit is better than anything else i have
rab: right but even scotch brite pads will rub off the stainless shit
er, non-stick shit
rab: right because itll go through non-stick, is my point

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guys i figured out i can use my coffee roaster (hot air corn popper) for making popcorn without oil
pound of popcorn kernels is like $.75
ya my friend was using metal bowls to pop corn on the stove with few tbsp of oil
and when i tried it it worked okay at 3tbsp but not so much at 1 or 2 tbsp
then i realized, oh i have an air popper
rab: ya but not well
you can do what like 1/8 cup of kernels before it overflows?
bowl is neat because fast + capacity
also my coffee roaster has a butter tray on top
how do you not pop your eye out when moving the popped corn?

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thats what i thought at first
which was weird because i had just watched a video of a wheel bouncing into an open wheel race drivers head (fatal),related to the F1 halos

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you have to clear only to the bottom of the crank
school and fo4, shrug

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lotus died, theyre renault this year
because red bull pissed off renault enough over talking shit about the renault supplied engine
the funny thing is no one else would give red bull an engine, so they ended up running an unbadged renault engine this year
they threatened to leave, and everyone was like youre not ferrari, so um, leave
there isnt one
refueling is banned
just tires and maybe aero adjustments
btw thats not an uncommon pitstop
theyre almost all between 2 and 3 seconds now
mercedes and a few other were doing multiple ~2.2 a race
why do they swap bikes?
and he just has to get off and back on they didnt have to change anything
id show a formula e pitstop (car swap) but theyre slow and embarassing
autoplayed, but i would put the batteries and motor low, mostly underneath the crank

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kimi does not like
wait you are not #cars

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the_gfr|w: is the idea that we dont understand that he was only going to let non-muslims in temporarily?
the_gfr|w: so basically, you ask if they are muslim, and if they say yes, you dont let them in
so um, why wouldnt terorists just say no
pretty sure teaching a terrorists how to say 'jezus is my saviour' is pretty simple
like 10 seconds of training
dude they probably all want to eat bacon
i can come to america to bomb vest the people after having their bacon

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you thought customs was fucked up before, moon
the_gfr|w: how come you arent participating in the conversation anymore?
i guess maybe because i have not had personal direct dealings with any of the candidates, he doesnt think my onion matters compared to his
being 2 degrees from donald trump
also svh hasnt come back =(
fuckin timecop would probably be a better president than trump

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and the people like the_gfr|w will have what they voted for
as a business man, he could have put his inherited money into bonds, done nothing, and been worth as much now
18:10 < THE_GFR|W> Trump does not want to break laws to keep terrorists out. He as some ideas that everyone just didn't understand
no one understands his ideas because he intentionally doesnt define them so his supporters can attachtheir own meaning to them
this has been shown over and over again
hes not even self funding his campaign
its all loans
so hes taking donations and putting them in his pocket now
dude and hes going to build a wall that will destroy mexico and our economy and will only serve to keep mexicans from going back home
because that is the direction theyre *already* going
the_gfr|w: when he cuts off trade to china and mexico, do you want to pay $100 for a computer keyboard?
how about $500 for a motherboard
need a car
? $80k get you a corolla
executive orders, creating a military coup against him
pentagon officials have already said they will leave if he wins

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18:10 < THE_GFR|W> Trump does not want to break laws to keep terrorists out. He as some ideas that everyone just didn't understand
the_gfr|w is a trump supporter, why am i not surprised...
hahaha @ honest business person
dude hes a con man
hes bankrupted several companies
so like, his investors, his employees, he fucked them, even tho in the end he made money
the_gfr|w, you are proposing to be his citizen, which in this case is investor and employee
are you making the connection?
the_gfr|w: im sorry but anecxdotal evidence from a few people he may have conned does not mean much in the grand scheme of things
ive not had dealings personally, directly with any of the candidates
therefor by your argument i have no right to vote
you also have not had contact with any other candidates im guessing
so your argument for trump is basically 7 degree to kevin bacon
again, im not surprised you are backing trump
vote for trump is a vote to get fucked, go put that on a sign and steal it
right our bankruptcy law doesnt work with a country
he will just drive the country into the dirt, and make money off of it

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17:50 < reza_> all you need to be in order to support donald trump is to be stupid. plenty of stupid people out there
so much this

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