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wtf do i have a google plus again
billary needs to go to google and tell them to cut it out

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omg deathclaws do not respect people having conversations

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wtf am i watching

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its like, okay these are the rules SHOW ME WHAT YOU GOT all big head in the sky
i mean honestly it never works out
formula 1 is like, a story of teams losing, being bought by other teams, who lose, who are bought by future loser
and then they win for a few seasons, and back to lose
like, BAR is losers, sold to honda, losers, sold to brawn gp, WINNER GP CHAMPION 1ST season, sold to mercedes, loser loser loser loser WINNER WINNER WINNER then prob loser this year
thats just in the last 10 years or so
almost every other example, replace all of those wins with losses

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thats racing
a podium is neat, but its specific purpose is to show the winner standing above the first two losers
i wasnt very good at sim racing in a league
i mean i was average, which means i finished maybe half the races, and would podium maybe once or twice a season
but sometimes some of them are, for a little while
sometimes they are, even when they are losing
fernando alonso is considered one of the best race drivers in the world, and hes at a team was effecctively in last place
theres a lot of factors, people will respect someone who takes a mid tier car to a podium more than someone who takes the fastest car to the 1st position
but formula 1 isnt really about even balance to test drivers fairly

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i think they should go closed cockpit and just eliminate a lot of the engine and chassis formula
and do a budget cap
formula 1 is about engineering challenges, and hitting budgets is pretty core engineering skill
no it really isnt
its been done in other sports
these are $100M companies, they have a paper trail and are hella network oriented
they prob all run sap
yeah but these arent normal companies
normal companies are about making maximum profit
those guys come along for the ride in this, they fund most of it
but these companies are about surviving financially, if only barely, just to try and win races
with $50M to $500M programs
and most of them do not win races
its kind of nuts

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yeah they use a ton
i think its probably like paintball stuff, soapy
not so much they mostly banned fins
late 00s was unlimited aero
i guess partially safet, track workers gets hit by a car he gets sliced up
also when the cars touch it rains sharp carbon fiber
probably banned
mclaren once shows up with sharp suspension cross sections, and they banned because would rip through course worker gloves

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FIA tests a batmobile halo made out of roll bar thick steel
ferrari shows up with spindly thin carbon fiber mockup
meanwhile, mclaren testing ray guns
at whick?
ya still not clear which you mean
i think they are verifying CFD simulation, aero stuff
they cover the car in fleuro paint too
and they see how it drips

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