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timecop: dotdotdot
thats pretty much what a bernie sanders is

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bernie says he smoked marijuana twice
i think like, twice for 7 years each

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there are no muslims in alaska

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holy shit they put a selection brake in word
like when you are selecting thousands of cells and are near the end of the values, it slow down so you dont blow by it by 300 cells

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macegr_: i prefer to think theyre both just badasses
these are how terminators solder

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man no F1 for two more weeks
i mean if youre going to torture them, you might as well just have the bot kill them
carry a compressed air tank, do a venturi vacuum generator

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72 hours sounds like problems
what did they track?
that makes more sense
empty gut, you prob digest liquid foods in few hours
like a jamba juice is prob just a few hours
i think some stuff just slides pastr other stuff easier

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yeah because i think with spicy food you are just tripping heat sense reactions
with actual heat, you end up triggering actual pain reactions from cell damage
like, spicy food just puts the warning neural signals to max, but the ofuck! cell death signal doesnt happen
no its like, shit is hot but im not getting hurt, neurologically
which is why i think you build up immunity pretty quick
shrug, prob build up tolerance there too
i put cayenne pepper flakes on pretty much everything, and is not really an issue
well do it every day
i dont think everything travels at the same rate
for example something soluble is going to travel faster than bulk fiber
also what youve eaten previously prob makes a huge diff
gotta consider initial conditions, heh

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like, im pretty sure your brain just ignores the heat response once it figures out its not real
yeah im kind of sure of that, because really fair skin people get slight rash just from chopping up peppers
not like hives, but skin gets red
but that doesnt take a lot, usually, i think technically that might be an allergic reaction
no i think its opposite
spicy food evolved because of how biological temp sensing works
whatever chem reaction we use to judge normal ambient temps, capsacin freaks that out

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aerith_gx: magnets shouldnt matter unless you are moving the cable around in the magnetic field
and even then probably only really fast
when i was like 4 the salvadorean maid put hot sauce on my thumb to get me to stop sucking it after i fell asleep
fuck that bitch
her sister was cool, tho
no i dont have that problem when i sleep
shrug, i doubt it
well, maybe if you are really white
yeah thats not nice
but you can cook with habaneros, and have it on your hands enough that itll burn when you pee hours later, and no rash

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