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thing is the circuit is sensitive to parallel capacitance, and youre doing that to it with the scope probe
figure that scope prob is like 10-20 pF, and the caps for the xtal circuit are usually around 20pf
well, maybe but i think that is prob some sort of clock pass thru feature
12pF doesnt sound wrong

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a really shitty sine that doesnt matter so much because it has an ossilloscope hanging off it
timecop can help you
i put the probe in 10x
put the probe in 10x
guys cowboy bebop blueray audio is fucking awesome
same thing?

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i dont know what that means
like, i am a literal container of volatile liquid?

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k in fallout 4
for the armor perk, the noise for the little animation is like BZZZZRK
but dude has two gas tanks and theres a red yellow flame
whole game ruined

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sculptor: is tube based, it wont last

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he just needs moar
like 20x moar
he needs to make it god bright

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