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man im kind of like, fuck this vacuum injection mold shit
for the time it takes to make a debug a tool, i can make a vacuum fixture for bottom machining plastic parts
i bet its similar output, less compromised part
fuck draft!

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doyouknow: if you control both sides of the capacitor, you can put in series with a resistor to make an RC circuit, feed it a frequency sweep from the soundcard output

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they dont sell that at digikey = off-topic
also i understand what your words mean but i dont think i know what you are talking about

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blackmoon: dont touch cnc for months, turn on jog around its fine like whatever
gotta be the vactra
i should sell car and get bigger motors and sexy drivers
and probably another car

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This is great news! Sonny has been doing tons of work bringing the GRBL codebase back from the dead.
We agree completely- he took it from "interesting project" to something that's commercially useful/viable.
first two comments, second is carbide3d
so yeah, im guessing on the control side, they dont know wtf theyre doing
it should have direct hooks for the drivers if their solution is a fucking arduino

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$3500 for a cnc, runs on some arduino cnc controller, software for it is like apple style simplified to the level of useless
hit jog, pops up homing dialog, hit home, says its on a limit switch, doesnt say which one, all limit switches verified as cleared
and thats about all you can do to troubleshoot as all the electronics are effectively sealed, have to toally break down the machine
timecop: and there you go, thats usb machining
gonna end up doing this dudes project on my own machine

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there it goes, had to press on the microusb

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i would guess it depends on the charging system in the phone
no reason it couldnt work if powered off USB, they can chargew while running which suggests they use less power than the charger provides
reality i think is more complicated than that
im trying with my galaxy nexus
caps maybe can
but yeah, gnex not powering up
hmm not powering up with battery either
ya didnt work

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blackmoon: last time it happened after he undid nazi shit
i think because tenjitsu is lagged and always confused

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i dunno he says it just needs a hexagon that might actually be a deal
its like they just dont like it when you op them or bots theyre linked to

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